morddwyd 09:01 19 May 2010

Can anybody recommend a good alternative now that sodium chlorate is banned?

I know there are plenty on the market, but I'm looking for personal recommendations based on experience.

Ideally with the same properties and effectivenessas sodium chlorate (but not necessarily the ability to pack it into a beer keg!).

  morddwyd 10:20 19 May 2010

Didn't have to go to mythbusters to prove it - making a "weedkiller" bomb was part of my training, government training I hasten to add!

Actually, getting things to explode is fairly easy.

It's the getting it to do so when you want it to, hopefully when you're no longer around, which is the difficult bit!

  Woolwell 11:10 19 May 2010

The Telegraph's letters have had items on this. Suggestions include Glyphosate, diluted caustic soda, salt in warm water, and bleach on paths and drives.
A quick search of glyphosate turns up several weedkillers.

  lotvic 11:15 19 May 2010

I use ordinary Table Salt to 'Spot Weed'
I cut the top off the weed and pour about a level teaspoonful out of a salt pot directly onto the root left in ground.
Very effective and cheap, and no danger to children, animals etc.

  jakimo 11:50 19 May 2010

Ive always used lotvic`s method with great success,and never had one pair of trousers go off with a bang

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:48 19 May 2010

"Salting the ground" has always worked for me.

Concentrated salt water from the watering can on any area where you don't want ANYthing to grow.

  spuds 17:48 19 May 2010

Salt and salt water. How come all the flora and green-stuff at seaside resorts never seem to suffer from dosing of saltwater?.

As Sodium Chlorate been banned?.

  Computerdope 18:00 19 May 2010

this was reccomended to me a few years ago by a river bailiff, as it is less harmfull to the wild life.

works quite well, and you can grow on the ground in a very short time..

  Bingalau 18:43 19 May 2010

Salt may be the answer to spot weed killing, but surely there are lots of plants which will not grow near the seaside. So spraying large areas of land would not be helpful. I suppose a spot of salt on a dandelion's innards would kill it and the salt would wash away and harm nothing except the occasional early bird's breakfast.
By the way who relegated the beautiful dandelion to the weed category. I think it is a very nice flower and would be easy to grow anywhere without having to have "green fingers".

  Pineman100 19:14 19 May 2010

If you want a residual effect in the ground, so that nothing grows there for some time (on a drive for example), then I reckon Pathclear is your best bet.

It doesn't last for ever, but then nothing does! But I usually find that its effects last for several months.

  morddwyd 20:09 19 May 2010

I was already thinking along Pineman's suggestion, except that it's not quite as effective as Sodium Chlorate.

I am looking for something with the same characteristics, which means up to twelve months before anything will germinate in the treated area.

Pathclear only lasts 3 - 6 months. However, it looks like the best alternative.

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