Web Site for Stress Management

  Border View 19:30 10 Aug 2004

Can anyone remember a couple of years ago someone in the Helproom (I think) recommended a web site you could visit the releave stress. I had it in my favorites, but have reformatted twice since then and its gone.

Would really appreciate if anyone (the old timers in particular)could remember what the URL of the site was. Nice music and advice. Know what I mean?

  Sapins 19:42 10 Aug 2004

Hi Barmoor,

You're on it now ;-)

  Border View 19:49 10 Aug 2004

Yea yea, but where is the lovely tinkling music?

  watchful 20:40 10 Aug 2004

I think it may have been this one:
click here by MichelleUK.

  Sapins 22:01 10 Aug 2004

You like music when you tinkle?

  woodchip 22:32 10 Aug 2004

This is the one you are looking for and with netscape the link was Hijacked to another site but Netscape stoped it opening so I just closed the other window and http: // click here

close space before and after // watch out for the other window opening and switch it of

  Border View 23:27 10 Aug 2004

Spot on. Recognised the music as soon as I clicked on. Many thanks. Knew an "old timer" would recall this site.

  watchful 08:11 11 Aug 2004

Thanks for completely ignoring my post which gave you the answer you wanted.

I won't bother next time.:-(

  watchful 14:05 29 Aug 2004

Thank you bob. Manners maketh man (or woman).


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