season8 14:48 17 Nov 2006

More @ click here

  The Brigadier 14:50 17 Nov 2006

Just goes to show there are nutters out their!

  vinnyT 14:52 17 Nov 2006

This highlights one of the probs with the 'net, people are/feel disconnected and will say things they would prob not do in the real world.

  The Brigadier 14:55 17 Nov 2006

Never thought chat rooms could get that way, a bit silly to give your details out.

  rodriguez 15:01 17 Nov 2006

The reason people say things on the net that they wouldn't in real life is because they can hide behind a computer screen, feeling safe. However, put too many details about yourself online and you might not be as safe as you think...as demonstrated by that news story.

  Jackcoms 16:05 17 Nov 2006

Thanks for this.

You're about a month late.

click here

  Forum Editor 18:39 17 Nov 2006

have offered to come and punch my lights out over the years. So far I've declined. One man suggested that I should "meet me at any location of your choosing, so we can settle this like real men".

When some people run out of rational argument they resort to abuse. Others (almost always males) take that a stage further and resort to violence as a solution to their problem. They're probably violent to their children, partners/wives, and dogs as well.

  rodriguez 01:01 18 Nov 2006

FE, I admire your tolerence. A lot of people (incuding me) would get wound up by that sort of stuff. Anyway, idiots who say things like "meet me so we can settle this" probably live hundreds of miles away anyway so it's just their way of venting their frustration. However in the heat of the moment I'd get a bit annoyed, so I think you're good for tolerating it.

  Forum Editor 10:08 18 Nov 2006

Do this job for a while and you develop an extraordinary amount to tolerance. People try to wind you up all the time, both in the threads and via email - it's an occupational hazard.

  €dstowe 10:29 18 Nov 2006

There's no such thing as web-rage any more than there is car-rage or any other tabloid rag sheet generated names for what is simply an inability to control one's temper, real or imagined.

People who exhibit this tendency need treatment - urgently.

  anskyber 10:31 18 Nov 2006

Indeed, and although we are a friendly lot here even in my short time I have seen some rather unsavoury characters come and thankfully go.

So if anyone had any doubt about the control of this site and the importance of the guidelines on personal information, think again.

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