web page loading speed

  User-1229748 21:50 15 Nov 2009

are your pages opening quick enough.apologies if you've used it before as i'd not seen thisclick here#

  Awshum 23:46 15 Nov 2009

1.6 seconds average.

Google Avg. 1.2secs, me 0.4secs
BBC Avg. 7.5secs, me 1.2secs
Amazon Avg. 6.8secs, me 2.7secs
Youtube Avg. 5.2secs, me 3.0secs <---slowest.

  interzone55 13:53 16 Nov 2009

Interesting mix of speeds for me, some faster than average, some slower.

Facebook & You Tube are both blocked at work, I'll check this at home tonight.

It'll be interesting comparing Chrome & IE8

  Chegs ®™ 13:56 16 Nov 2009

My average lastnight when the internet is busy was over 1 minute,and just now was 4.4 seconds.I contacted my ISP recently to ask why my connection is so slow & was informed that they are implementing a traffic management system and my connection will get faster over the next 4 weeks.It hasnt got any faster & as a result,I am leaving this ISP and the change will take place in about a week.

  spuds 18:50 16 Nov 2009

Seems to be a varied result on trying the test Google the best at 1.2 seconds, the worst over 60 seconds.

At present I an in the stage of having a problem with speeds in general. The ISP that I use provided a link to their recommended speedtest, which I have to check at least three times a day. Here are two results that I did a short time ago within 2 minutes of each: 58.51 Mbps and 881.20Kbps. Doing a speedtest from the link above came out at 248Kbps. Make of that lot, what you will :o(

  AL47 20:46 16 Nov 2009

google averages at 0.4s

the rest i am logged in and more varible etc so ggole is the most accurate imo

the max speed i ever get here is 220KB/s
although on occasions it dropps to exactly 56KBps randomly, but its always either of those

right now its at the higher level [use a network traffic gadget]

firefox 3.5.5

  polish 21:00 16 Nov 2009

with chrome 1.7
with firefox 9.1
didnt think there would be such a difference although chrome is visibly faster

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:20 16 Nov 2009

Had a lot of problems when I was running Norton 360 beta 4 and had to resize my C drive also did a a few "tweaks". Norton also did some optimising while installed but had problems starting up and shutting down.
Since uninstalling Norton now my machine seems to be really flying, not just opening web pages but start up, shut down applications etc. all faster than they have ever been since I bought the machine nearly 5 years ago.

google 0.4
slowest amazon at 3.2

Was going to upgrade to W7 but running at this speed on XP is fine by me.

Wish I had "logged" all the tweaks but at the time was more interested in getting the thing running again.

  Legolas 21:40 16 Nov 2009

1.2 Seconds average not bad. MSN was the slowest at 3.3secs and Google and Wikiepedia joint fastest at 0.3secs

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