Web jacking

  octal 19:14 31 May 2006

Just heard this on the news tonight click here could the hackers being turning their attentions to the home user as a source of revenue seeing as organisations are tightening up the security?

Just make sure your AV is up to date.

  Jimmy14 19:23 31 May 2006

Yes I was just looking at that article funny enough. It is a disgrace for hackers to blackmail home computing users and in that womens case for her to buy drugs from an online pharmacy. Good on The High Tech Crime Unit, I love it when hackers get caught. They think they are too professional and advanced at taking other peoples files or details . So a High Tech Crime unit I.T expert got some of her details back.

  beynac 19:43 31 May 2006

The password is known: click here

  octal 19:46 31 May 2006

The password is probably known, but how many people outside computer forums know of its existence?

  beynac 21:17 31 May 2006

My point was that the anti-virus experts have found a solution to this. I don't understand your comment. I feel that it is very good news that an answer has been found. Now that it has been resolved, hopefully, it will receive plenty of publicity and anyone with the problem will be able to be helped.

Could you please clarify your point.

  Forum Editor 22:10 31 May 2006

very few people outside forums like ours are likely to know about the password. As beynac says, it's to be hoped that this will receive the widest possible publicity.

  WhiteTruckMan 22:18 31 May 2006

that the passwords are a (seemingly) random collection of characters. it makes their dissemination that much harder. were it something like 'manchesterunited' or some such easily repeatable phrase then it would be that much easier to pass by word of mouth, at least. After all, 'mf2lro8sw03ufvnsq034jfowr18f3cszc20vmw' doesnt exactly roll off the tongue, does it?


  beynac 22:29 31 May 2006

I certainly wouldn't want to try to remember it! However, there is always 'copy and paste'.

I read an article about this somewhere (I can't remember where) and the perpetrators apparently brag to their victims that the password cannot be cracked. I don't know if this is true - I assume that Symantec (and others) obtained the password by infecting themselves and going along with the scam. My worry is that there will be new versions with variable passwords. A nasty one!

  silverous 08:30 01 Jun 2006

Hopefully this will alter the views of those who, in any debate about firewalls or security for the home user, suggest that the average home users is not of interest to hackers and therefore does not need to worry too much about such security measures. Clearly they do.

  beynac 08:32 01 Jun 2006

The best protection against this is, of course, to make sure that the 'My Documents' folder is backed up regularly.

If anyone's interested in the full text of the instructions from the perpetrators: click here

The page is in Spanish but the relevant bit is in English.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:08 01 Jun 2006

A firewall will not stop this as it is a file that, if run, will infect a computer (similar in execution to SpyFalcon etc.). An up to date AV or Windows Defender should prevent it appearing. As I have written to death, if you run files without using common sense you can forget any protection that you have.


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