Web Cameras

  rowdy 08:56 27 May 2006

I apologise if this has been discussed before but why are Web Cameras stuck in the 'dial up ' age.

To me webcams have not significantly changed from the 56K connection days, still 640 x 320 resolution. Now that connection speeds of 10Mb are common surely there is a market for better cameras.

Didital Camera technology has improved out of sight with 12Mega pixel cameras getting ever cheaper.

Have I missed something,are they better webcams or is there some technical limitation that prevents this.


  DieSse 11:06 27 May 2006

There are quite a lot of "regular" cams that can also be used as web-cams.

However, you'd still likely want to use low res for communicating over the web, due to the amounts of data needing to be transmitted.

Remember that your download speed may be fast - but communicating is limited by the upload speed of each party - and normally this is not so huge (by a long way).

  rowdy 12:17 27 May 2006

You make a valid point but my upload speed on Dialup was usually only about 28k now I get up to 400K.

I agree that a better camera would need to be able to vary the resolution but that is standard on even the cheapest of Digital cameras.

My Family, which is widespread, uses the camera in frequent chats but the picture quality leaves a lot to be desired. It is nice to see who one is talking too but spoilt when it blurs if they move.

There are programs that only refresh the changed pixels that would reduce the data needed to be transmitted with each frame without reduce the picture quality


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