Is Web 2.0 just the ticket for you?

  TOPCAT® 13:12 22 Apr 2007

Seems W2 is starting to take off with Microsoft and Adobe, to name just two big guns, muscling in on the act. click here At the moment I just can't think of new ways to do things with my browser, but I'm open to (polite) suggestions! :o) TC.

  Forum Editor 17:35 22 Apr 2007

becomes widespread and very fast, so the major software companies will increasingly take advantage of the ability to offer us all online applications. Why bother to buy Microsoft Office for £400 if you can pay a few pence to use the very latest version of Word in your browser, and save the files back to your hard drive?

For people who only write the occasional letter, or want a spreadsheet once every so often it will be an attractive proposition. Likewise, if you want to design your own website, why not do it online, via Internet Explorer of FireFox, at a fraction of the cost of buying your own copy of say, DreamWeaver?

The internet is now firmly embedded in the fabric of our society, and we'll use it more and more.

  Kate B 19:00 22 Apr 2007

But here's another view click here

  Forum Editor 23:15 22 Apr 2007

And it's a valid view - not everyone fancies uploading videos to YouTube, and not everyone wants to be an internet publisher.

I was really talking about another aspect of Web 2 - the use of online applications, instead of having to buy your own. I believe there'll be substantial growth in that aspect of interent use in the medium term.

  TOPCAT® 23:22 24 Apr 2007

Over a quarter of companies surveyed say their "IT departments lacked the competence level to implement Web 2.0 applications effectively." This admission won't instill much confidence in the IT staff, will it? TC.

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