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  rdave13 21:06 03 Nov 2012

I know that this topic might lead to global warming as today has been very strange weather-wise. Started off by being bright and sunny in the morning, changed to heavy cloud and rain in the afternoon. By late afternoon we had hailstones. Now we're having thunder and lightning. Never known (or I can't remember) such variations in a single day.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:28 03 Nov 2012

You've never been to the Western Isles then :0)

  rdave13 21:50 03 Nov 2012

No, I haven't Fruit Bat /\0/. That kind of weather there is the norm?

  Aitchbee 22:09 03 Nov 2012

I purchased a nice piece of lightwear ski-headgear from Lidl today ... it protects the head, ears, cheeks, chin and neck from sub-zero temperatures ... it's better to be prepared ;o]

  rdave13 23:31 03 Nov 2012

Richard.Sole and N47. , thank you for your strenuous efforts to reply (pertaining to the topic) and being able to supply links as well. Must have been particularly hard for you. Your efforts are appreciated.

  rdave13 00:03 04 Nov 2012

Tilting of the axis has always caused changes in the weather. What is unusual, in my experience, is to have such drastic changes in a 12 hour period.

  rdave13 00:04 04 Nov 2012

pabby Er no.

  Condom 07:28 04 Nov 2012

Yes the season is definitely changing at the moment. Temperature down to a miserable 29 degrees today and a chill in the air as the local girls are now beginning to wear tops with long sleeves. Ah well you can't have everything.

I spent ages last night trying to explain to locals what hailstones were as many had never seen them before especially during a football match.

Can't wait to see a picture of HB inside his Glasgow pub wearing what I presume to be from its description an Andes hat.

  Forum Editor 19:02 04 Nov 2012

A light dusting of snow, and trains and buses are cancelled, cars abandoned, and no doubt some people started laying in food supplies.

We really haven't much of a clue when it comes to coping with bad weather.

  morddwyd 19:15 04 Nov 2012

"So it must have been more than a dusting in places."

But that's the point.

Three inches is little more that a dusting.

Once again it's the "disaster creepback" by the press and TV, where every unseasonal shower is a tropical downpour, and a light frost is the country paralysed with black ice.

  Aitchbee 20:08 04 Nov 2012

... the clip-on snow / ice grips (also on sale at Lidl) [with steel studs] to fit over your shoes also caught my eye, but only went up to size 11 ... why can't they (Lidl) go the extra half inch?

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