Wear A Flower Tomorrow...Not Necesssarily In Your hair

  Condom 23:42 20 Aug 2012

Probably one of the greatest one hit wonders of all time and a song for a generation.

Scott RIP

  daz60 23:58 20 Aug 2012

The leitmotif for a generation and still resonates today.

The song is,i suggest, more remembered than the singer because i associated this with the Mamas and Papas and indeed it was composed by John Phillips aka Papa Cass.

  morddwyd 07:29 21 Aug 2012

From the first time I heard the song it has always generated a really intense, almost emotional, feeling of nostalgia.

I've never been to SF and at 30 was hardly a member of the Flower generation!

Thanks and RIP.

  Forum Editor 10:26 21 Aug 2012


"Where are all those flower power people today I wonder?"

The ones in San Francisco? Go there, and you'll see some of them in Buena Vista park with their grandchildren, their Lexus parked in the street, and their sons running the family businesses. Others are to be seen still clinging to a slightly hippy look and lifestyle, their outlook on life moderated by the fact of their advancing years, and the technological temptations of the 21st century.

If you go to the Corner of Haight & Ashbury - the legendary intersection made famous in the 1960s you'll get a slight flavour of what it once was, although the place has embraced modern culture and tourism in a big way.

  Condom 11:38 21 Aug 2012


Well this one is retired but still has quite long hair although it is silvery white now rather than blonde. I still remember going to London to work in the summer of '67 and gathering in Hyde Park which was just up the road from my flat in Princes Gate in Exhibition Road. We would listen to "It's all too beautiful" resonating from the Small Faces and I would supplement my income by painting the bodies of the "beautiful" with flowers and other flower-power emblems.

The sun always seemed to shine and life was good or so it seemed. I do wish I had kept my Sgt Pepper outfit as a reminder of how daft we all probably looked.

  Forum Editor 14:17 21 Aug 2012

"I do wish I had kept my Sgt Pepper outfit as a reminder of how daft we all probably looked."

There's no 'probably' about it, but if you still feel the urge...

  Condom 16:07 21 Aug 2012


That is a definite no no. At least my outfit was a genuine army top coat from long ago which seemed to appear in great numbers from somewhere and was the normal red. Probably still looked stupid.

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