And we think we have scandals

  carver 09:56 26 Feb 2013

It just fill me with amazement that Berlusconi is still on the politicle scene in Italy, how does he get away with it. enter link description here The man has been charged with nearly every offence you can think of and still gets away with it and if he can't he just made a law so he couldn't be charged with the offence.

If this is correct enter link description here it's no wonder Italy is in trouble at the polls, just who would you vote for.

But I will admit to admiring some of his femail friends and co workers and his soon to be wife isn't bad for her age.

  fourm member 10:46 26 Feb 2013

To some extent you have to look at the response to anyone saying 'Tony Blair is a war criminal' or look at Nixon's re-election during Watergate to see that people believe what they want when it comes to politics.

""Berlusconi is falsely accused by communists and anarchists who don't believe in free enterprise. He has done nothing wrong.""

(I put double sets of " around that in the hope no-one will think that is what I think.)

From what I've read, the problem has arisen because of the intervention of the 'protest' party that has diverted enough votes to block a clear majority.

An important thought for anyone voting in Eastleigh this week. 'I voted UKIP because I want a Labour government'.

  Forum Editor 11:49 26 Feb 2013

Politics, when looked at logically shouldn't be about the cult of individuals, we should all vote for policies, ideologies even, but not for people.

The problem is, we do vote for people. Show me a forceful, handsome male politician, and I'll show you someone who will get a lot of votes from women. An attractive, engaging female politician will appeal to male voters. It's human nature at work, rather than considered judgment.

Berlusconi is a rogue, but he's a very rich and charismatic rogue. Lots of Italians like him, despite the indiscretions for which he's notorious. They think 'better to have a man with some life in him than a cold, calculating politician with whom we can't identify', even if they know which one is likely to be better for the country as a whole.

It's what makes politics, and Italian politics in particular, such a fascinating subject.

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