we need things made in britain again

  KEITH 1955 16:36 27 Oct 2018

The average man in the street does not understand the workings of the Brexit and some politicians are still unsure of what will happen when we leave Europe. Their is a lot of talk that counties will refuse to trade with us or price us out of deals and personally I hope that happens.

We used to be a proud manufacturing nation but for many years now we have invented something , sold a few then taken production abroad and yes I know companies do it because costs are lower.

We need to get "invented in Britain" changed to "made in Britain".

Cleaners made abroad , cheap nasty pens made in korea ,some of my own companies circuit boards are made in india and the quality control is appalling you get a free bag of bits with every order to replace bits missing off the boards.

Look around your own home and see how long it takes you to find something "made in Britain". Personally I would be prepared to pay a few quid more to buy stuff made here.

FOOTNOTE.... my wife has a microwave porridge bowl made in new zeland and sold in a well known kitchen shop , can you beat that.

  john bunyan 16:43 27 Oct 2018

The skills are sadly lacking in some areas - take Cameras ; Germany once led the way but first Japan then China took over. Similarly with smart phones . Are there any made here? Good suggestion but where are the investors to set up manufacturing here?

  oresome 17:14 27 Oct 2018

If you asked, most people would probably agree with you.

If you then followed their shopping habits, price would be a major consideration and take precedence over the country of manufacture.

One of the reasons we have an improved standard of living is that the real cost of mass produced manufactured goods has been reduced. This wouldn't be the case if they were manufactured here due to a whole raft of reasons.

I do think the UK has an over reliance on London-centric financial services and could do with broadening our skills and industries to bring prosperity to the regions where the traditional heavy industries have all but disappeared.

  Quickbeam 19:22 27 Oct 2018

You're sounding like those that think Brexit means winding the clock back to the early '70s!

The world of today has changed. We are where we are whether you approve or not.

  Menzie 19:43 27 Oct 2018

People still want things made in Britain?

British Leyland.

That is all. :-)

  Forum Editor 22:49 27 Oct 2018

"We need to get "invented in Britain" changed to "made in Britain".

Dream on. British manufacturing was killed off by workers wanting to be paid more for doing less. In the end, foreign countries simply out-competed us for contracts. The ship-building industry was a classic case of outmoded working practices and stubborn trade unionists doing battle with stubborn employers.

While they were busy calling strikes and delaying completion of orders other companies in South East Asia were getting on with the job of running modern shipyards and stealing business.

The same story was repeated over and over again, until we ended up with virtually no manufacturing to speak of. It's our own fault, and it's far too late to do anything about it. We rested on our laurels, and were too hidebound to recognise what was staring us in the face.

  LastChip 09:40 28 Oct 2018

The FE is right. Unions killed manufacturing.

Anyone who thinks a Union controlled Corbyn government will solve all our woes is in dreamland.

In terms of productivity, they were the worst years I can ever remember. The quality was absolute crap and you never knew when anything would arrive.

  bremner 09:50 28 Oct 2018

It is ironic that it is the generation that is in the main reflected in this forum that has killed off British manufacturing and it is that generation that decrys the fact the most.

  wee eddie 10:01 28 Oct 2018

LastChip is both right and wrong.

Incompetent management was equally responsible.

Apparently the "Mini" was sold at less than it cost to build.

  Quickbeam 10:25 28 Oct 2018

The next election is certainly going to to a great uncertainty.

We have an apparent return to the two party system that are also both at a half century of extreme of left Vs right.

We have people like me that never voted left wing before but see it as a better social option than far right. We have traditional Labour voters that will vote Tory to the cry of the 'out at any cost' mantra over Brexit. And we are becoming more divided and polarised by the day.

It certainly will be a shock to our cosy lives at present!

  oresome 10:39 28 Oct 2018

Are we in the UK different to any other highly developed nation with health and safety laws, pollution restraints, minimum wages and high taxes to finance societies expectations?

Of course many products can be made cheaper where the overheads are less, but as these nations develop so their costs will rise and manufacturing moves on.

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