We hear quite a bit about the down side of using our forum....

  Forum Editor 17:29 01 Sep 2013

and I wondered if, by way of a change, any of you might like to tell about any good memories you have of your time with us.

Over the years we have had many chances to laugh, to share good wishes at that particular time, and to talk about our feelings when national or global disasters have struck.

There must be some good memories or experiences, surely? I know for a fact that two people got married as a result of meeting via the forum.

  Jwbjnwolf 22:59 02 Sep 2013

Damn, reading through some more of my old posts, I really really do sound grumpy indeed:

[i am getting so bored with windows. they do not offer much stuff apart from making it nicer and nicer looking and that means better and better pcs are needed all the time I am planning to save up for a top of the range apple imac. If i need to ever get a new pc in years to come and if i still cannot afford an imac, i would like to get a desktop pc with linux preinstalled. I would want to make sure that it is 4gb ram minimum and 500gb hdd if not 1tb at the minimum. what i would then do is run windows under virtualbox (virtually) so i can still play games. But that is if i am nowhere near being able to afford a top of the range all in one imac (hopefully touchscreen by that time) Windows i would say that your not getting what you are paying for. macintosh, they are costy but you do get what you are paying for. linux, well it's up to you to decide how you think it is Me I would say it is the best value for money £0.00. If only it were -£50.00 or going higher into the negatives. you would be gaining money LOL!! That sure is one way of encouraging people to get linux.LOL!!]1

It's hilarious looking back at stuff you've said sometimes from years ago xD

1]: [click here

  Jwbjnwolf 23:00 02 Sep 2013

Ok so that didn't work then, oh well

  AroundAgain 23:47 02 Sep 2013


john bunyan - What a charmer, eh? However, I'm certainly no 'Dolly Bird' nowadays but it did make me chuckle ;) Many thanks for that.

exdragon - Yippee! Another of the fairer sex, brilliant. We'll just have to stick together, won't we. Sounds like you'll have to represent the Dolly Birds though - I can't compete with that these days ... !!! ;)

There are possibly more females that realised - our forum 'names' don't always give it away (sometimes for a reason ...)

However, it's fun trying to guess when reading how the post is written but clearly not a reliable method. Ha Ha Ha

  Forum Editor 08:21 03 Sep 2013

"There are possibly more females that realised"

There are.

  Jwbjnwolf 17:38 03 Sep 2013

Don't remind me about buses please I'm begging xD.

One of the main (3 lane) one way roads into town where all the buses go was closed off today, which is just causing absolute mayhem because the buses and all the traffic is having to divert around down a two way (2 lane like a normal road). Just mayhem. I was waiting for two hours for my bus to get out of town, and when it came, I had to squeeze in and stand right at the door of the bus. And then all of a sudden we stopped off for all the school kids, so yea, I think you can just imagine how cramped we all were. Must have been 20 people on the bus over the maximum amount. The drivers just couldn't be bothered to waste time with the money, due to being so worn out, and so late and being such a hot day, they last thing we wanted to do was about 5 of us keep getting off just so the people entering can pay.

The company has their double deckers out when they have breakdowns, when they aren't taken advantage of, but then when they really could do with them like today, you wonder where on earth they are.

None of the bus companies were even told about there'd be road works which would bring the whole damn central part of the town to a grinding halt. Not even the bus company owned by the council who are doing the roadworks, and they fact that the schools are back, well, that brings no surprise. They always have to bring the whole UK to a halt because of roadworks as soon as the schools are back.

And I walked up that road, and they only just had taken up the Tarmac, let alone even start on laying the new Tarmac, so how they expect to be finished and all packed up by tomorrow is beyond me.

What a day, so please no one remind me of buses for a while xD :P

  Jwbjnwolf 17:48 03 Sep 2013

BBC must be having a laugh. I searched google about the roadworks, and the webpage showing all roadworks in my area, umm, it mentions nothing about that road, and it says "no disruption to public transport". Umm, I think I damn well know when our buses are being disrupted BBC xD.

  lotvic 16:20 04 Sep 2013

Jase, stop damn well saying damn.

  Kev.Ifty 01:33 05 Sep 2013

I like the form best because The proper FE will interject!!

  Aitchbee 09:27 05 Sep 2013

I like the forum even better when the FE doesn't interject. [ only kiddin' FE. ]

  flycatcher1 10:38 05 Sep 2013

I came to this Forum via the Tech Helproom which provided excellent advice in my hour of need. I also found interest in the problems of others and the helpful replies. Speakers Corner seems to cover many subjects and has many knowledgeable members and I find the inter Forum banter and discussion interesting and, sometimes, informative.

I look at other Forums but many are only platforms for pedantic sounding diatribes by people who have little else to do - these I ignore- but some of the specific ones such as Flt Sim are full of helpful experts.

The FE keeps a firm hand on his many Forums and sometimes sounds quite severe this is the result of parental training. Not only did I fly with the FE's Father but I once, maybe more than once, received a Bling from him which enabled me to leave the room without opening the door. I felt so small that I crept underneath.

I enjoy this Forum long may it flourish and maybe soon someone will start a Topic with the subject - "Syria" Discuss.

PS I even buy the Magazine occasionally.

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