We hear quite a bit about the down side of using our forum....

  Forum Editor 17:29 01 Sep 2013

and I wondered if, by way of a change, any of you might like to tell about any good memories you have of your time with us.

Over the years we have had many chances to laugh, to share good wishes at that particular time, and to talk about our feelings when national or global disasters have struck.

There must be some good memories or experiences, surely? I know for a fact that two people got married as a result of meeting via the forum.

  Jwbjnwolf 20:35 01 Sep 2013

John, shall I go advertise PCA in my club then haha. Lol I think that may cause a bit of mayhem and next thing you know, PCA is the next Facebook xD

  wee eddie 21:07 01 Sep 2013

I can remember my mouth falling open at 'flecc's' accounts of the Launch Times of his 'stripped down' version of Windows 98, I think that he was claiming 12 seconds or thereabouts. I think that most everyone felt the same and there were long discussions, with lots of contributions from others who had tried the same thing. I didn't have the knowledge or courage to try, but was happy to marvel at the skill of others. 'flecc' is, I suppose, long gone but 'VOG' was still around until a short while ago. I owe most of my successful Spread Sheets to his sage advice.

Of course, I wasn't 'Wee Eddie' then, but I can't remember what my handle was. I became Wee Eddie when I gained sufficient self confidence to use my teenage nickname as a Handle and realised that hackers addressed their correspondence to Wee Eddie, whereas my friends addressed their correspondence to my correct name.

  AroundAgain 22:50 01 Sep 2013

It's all been said in the previous posts but, to add my bit, I'd never have been able to do what I do now without the help and support of you guys (or gals) out there.

With such help, I've learnt to clone drives, change HDD in laptop, upgrade RAM, etc etc etc. The advice and suggestions have been excellent and always well put.

I have to say, I'd be well stuck if it wasn't for this forum and the members helping me out. Many of my friends look to me for their computer help. I love tinkering with computers and have a passion in making the computer do what I want rather than I be restricted to what the computer does ;)

Just to remind some of you, especially john bunyan, I can only meet half your wish, being female but a tad over 60yrs!!! ;) However, I still assume you guys are male but don't have any problem with that! :)

So, I'm happy to compliment this forum :)

AroundAgain (aka Julie)

  john bunyan 09:27 02 Sep 2013


", I can only meet half your wish, being female but a tad over 60yrs!!! "

A dolly bird at last!! Let us hope your "peer group" swell our numbers...

  Brumas 09:31 02 Sep 2013

john bunyan silver-tongued smoothie ;o}

  Simsy 09:40 02 Sep 2013

I think my best moment was when I beat VoG to an Excel solution.

A Very rare occurance!



  spuds 10:57 02 Sep 2013

From my own long term membership to this forums, brings up some very good memories of times of old in the very early days, and perhaps two especially more so than others.

One was the old 'Lounge' which seemed to be more 'chat' friendly, when some of us use to discuss all the wonders and not so wonders of the world into the very early hours. One particular special occasion, was on a winters early morning, when a small group of us were discussing the scenes around our areas, that nature and the environment had thrust upon us that month. One member (I forget the username) was recalling scenes around his property, and while looking through his window, a deer stag appeared a few yards away in all its grace and slender. That brought the topic of Monarch of the Glen painting into the conversation, which changed a cold damp winters early morning into a remarkable experience. A simple act like that, can remain in ones mind for ever, especially how the conversations or chat among a group of visual strangers so to to say, could have gone on for much longer, without any animosity whatsoever. Peace to the world was very evident that evening.

The other thing that I remember very well, is the old 'envelope' system, when members were able to exchange items or give personal information off line. I on a few occasions were able to receive much wanted items as well as send other members items or information they wanted or required (No fees or expenses charged). I personally found it wasn't a constant issue or abuse, either on my part or the other members who made contact, but one used more for urgency in helping another member out.

I suppose in a sense, this brought the 'Beginners Helproom' into being, because some new members were rather concerned about asking or continuing a question, that might have looked "rather silly" on an expert computer forum. I suppose this action later formed the base for the members who learnt in the early days, and some now, give back to the forum by helping others.

I do believe that the 'envelope' system as been recently reintroduced, and one member (Chronos the 2nd) as managed to help another member. Which cannot be a bad thing.

  spuds 11:01 02 Sep 2013

Talking about VOG, I haven't seen much around from him since he won the PCA 'annual' award or prize :O)

  Jwbjnwolf 20:00 02 Sep 2013

Woolwell, you certainly got that correct about the patience even if the question has been asked billions of times.

I'm pretty sure that when I first started out on here, that a lot guessed I hadn't read the terms due to me posting threads titled like "HELP!" "PLEASE HELP" "REALLY URGENT" etc. and it states in the terms, that that isn't at all helpful or welcoming, but I ain't had the FE or anyone attack at me saying I am breaking the rules, I just had other users explain that thread titles like that aren't helpful, and I had another explain why CAPS are not nice.

And I just remembered, Me and my "Scrap Windows, get Linux!!!!" posts xD.

"Get Linux scrap windows mate or at least use virtualbox to install windows as a virtual os You'll be glad Take a look at 'windows vs linux' in google images and see why windows keep breaking."

That was my very very first post on PCA. Omgosh, I forgot all about that xD.

And the I was then wanting the FE to remove those posts, which I'm glad didn't happen as xD that's really nice to look at just how much I've matured since then.

And then I was recommending to flycatcher1 about a truck driving game I like (Euro Truck Simulator) on his thread about MS Flight Sim, and flycatcher1 replied with "Do the lorries have wings?". XD. And then poor Pine Man tried to test the Demo out, he started it, then had dinner, and came back to see that his one hour trial had ran out xD. Hope you got to play the game in the end dude, it's been almost three years so if you haven't got around to there better be a good excuse for it xD

How I was at the start though, I seemed like a kid, (in my opinion I feel I seemed like a 11 year old), although I was trying to help and I was convinced I was helping.

And the FE etc kept me on, they didn't ban me, although I know dozens of other places that certainly would of banned me that's for sure. 1]: [click here 2]: [click here

  exdragon 20:19 02 Sep 2013

AroundAgain (aka Julie) - well, that's at least two of us! Sounds as if I have a few years on you, but in my head I'm still a dolly bird...sighs for the olden days.

Seriously, there's so much information here, including stuff you didn't know you needed to know. All overseen by the (usually) benevolent FE, of course!

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