We hear quite a bit about the down side of using our forum....

  Forum Editor 17:29 01 Sep 2013

and I wondered if, by way of a change, any of you might like to tell about any good memories you have of your time with us.

Over the years we have had many chances to laugh, to share good wishes at that particular time, and to talk about our feelings when national or global disasters have struck.

There must be some good memories or experiences, surely? I know for a fact that two people got married as a result of meeting via the forum.

  Brumas 18:05 01 Sep 2013

I can remember a couple or three years back saying I was holidaying in a certain spot and one of my online pals said drop in on your way for a cuppa - or did I cheekily invite myself, I cannot remember, anyhow we did and were taken out for a meal and began a friendship which is still rekindled whenever we are in those parts. This happened with two pals, you couldn't meet nicer folk, in two different parts of the country so we are always assured of a 'comfort break' whenever we return.

Of course I also have memories of starting my first Identification Longshot/Talking Point yonks ago which has brought me into contact with a wide variety of folk and made Fridays for me, a night to look forward to. Life wouldn't be quite the same, for me anyway, without it!

I have asked advice about a whole range of subjects and have had constructive replies both humorous and serious and wouldn't think twice about asking about anything, no matter how trivial or strange it may appear because I know amongst the replies I would find some pearls of wisdom!

I could go on but I won't....

  rdave13 18:40 01 Sep 2013

Not a happy occation but something that will stick in my mind for ever. A forum member had some very bad news about his health and posted here. It took me a while to try to post something which might have offered some comfort and sympathy. Forum Editor posted a well written post as a reply that I wouldn't have been able to but wished I had.

I still think about it when I log in here.

Although we converse through the written word, isn't it strange that you still think that someone is likeable or not just through replies you read over the years. In reality it might be the total reverse.

  Macscouse 18:52 01 Sep 2013

Next week, my wife and I are making a round journey of about 800 miles, and one of the main reasons is to meet up again will an online pal and his partner, two nicer people you could never meet. I have met other forum members over the years, and have found each one friendly and helpful, and best of all, have kept me laughing with their banter.

Aitchbee - maybe you could set up a meeting for interested Forum members in Sauchiehall Street one Saturday night ;o)

  Jwbjnwolf 18:56 01 Sep 2013

In my opinion the above just proves it what I've said about how nice this forum is.

Whilst other forums may be smoother etc, I've always ended up coming back here because the help I've had here, and the kindness I've had here, and the patience I've had too by the community when I first started and was just completely going on and on to that person about you may have a restore point on your pc. XD, I just really did not understand then how much I was just causing mayhem lol.

And looking back at my old posts, it embarrasses me how I used to post, such as the titles


"URGENT!!!" Etc xD.

I really didn't get it back then, but now, I am much better when it comes to asking questions.

I know I still can't help putting them really long, and some have complained about that, but then others, they just stood up for me to those complaining. And also just like Lovatic remarked to me, my spelling has improved.

It's funny sometimes looking back at things you've said in the past when you didn't realise how embarrassing it was for yourself, but hey, you gotta be able to have a laugh at yourself ;D

  rdave13 19:01 01 Sep 2013

Jwbjnwolf, you were doing so well until you mentioned Lovatic ... :)

It's "Lotvic".

  Jwbjnwolf 19:17 01 Sep 2013

BAHAAHHAHAAAAAAAA LMAOOO!!! What a hilarious typo xD!! Demi Lovato is my favourite singer and the nick name for Demi's fans are "Lovatics". So LOL

  Aitchbee 19:28 01 Sep 2013

Macscouse ... take your pick.

click here

  Aitchbee 19:34 01 Sep 2013

Seriously folks, I remember [fondly] my post on 'What's the best way to recycle 20 bags of fallen leaves?' ... a coupla' years ago.

Nowadays, I am not just so 'spritely' as then ... so when I do get the 'urge' to pick up those lovely leaves, near my house ... and can't, ... I only have to 'have a gander' at that particular 'thread', by using the useful 'search facility' ... and all is well, once again. ;o]

  john bunyan 19:50 01 Sep 2013

I originally joined for the technical help, and have been most grateful for the shared hints and tips. As time goes on I have even been able to help others on a few occasions. The Speakers Corner is a very friendly site and I have found it a very good way of sharing opinions and sometimes, a bit of humour, albeit a little schoolboyish. I wish we had more younger and female people on the forum - maybe it is the fault of us oldies? Thank you to the staff of PCA and to fellow members for the interesting chat and I hope it goes on and on!

  Macscouse 20:25 01 Sep 2013

Aitchbee - I've staggered out of more than one of those bars - or so my Long Haired One has reminded me, again and again......

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