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We hear a lot about accountability these days.

  Forum Editor 09:09 29 May 2017

Does anyone agree with my feeling that there should be some serious internal accountability for this weekend's British Airways IT fiasco?

  morddwyd 08:43 30 May 2017

It is unlikely that today's CEO made the decision that made the current scenario a possibility.

"Ministerial" responsibility.

You accept the privileges (and pay), You accept the responsibilities.

"The buck stops here" from Day 1.

  x123 10:36 30 May 2017

From what I can see. The decision to outsource was taken in Feb 2016. Alex Cruz was appointed in April 2016.

So the decision had already been taken but it does not explain the abysmal customer service debacle.

  Forum Editor 08:08 01 Jun 2017

BA board members are calling for an inquiry - and so they should.

  bumpkin 22:33 01 Jun 2017

BA board members are calling for an inquiry

More expense for another load of bullshit.

  Forum Editor 22:46 01 Jun 2017


Just occasionally, why don't you set aside your standard negative attitude, and wait to see what actually happens, instead of making snap judgments based on no real information?

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