We have just lost a true heroine, Anne Williams

  Bing.alau 20:27 18 Apr 2013

Here is one lady who really should have had a funeral with full honours. She has fought tooth and nail for many years for justice. Now cancer has won another battle she was fighting and taken her. But not before she won, with the help of other relatives of those killed, against such foes as Margaret Thatcher, who we in Liverpool think instigated the cover up of the Hillsborough disaster. Maybe they will meet in the afterlife if there is one? I would love to be there if that should happen. My money would be on a win for Anne Williams. RIP Anne, you deserve it.

  Aitchbee 20:32 18 Apr 2013

Bing.alau - if they do meet in heaven for an afterlife 'battle-of-the-handbags showdown ... my money would be on Anne.

  interzone55 20:33 18 Apr 2013

Notably, the flag flew at half mast on Liverpool Town Hall today, a sign of true respect that Liverpool refused for Thatcher.

Congratulations for getting your priorities right.

May she rest in peace, things are turning out right for the 96, it's just such a shame she didn't live long enough to get her son's death certificate corrected

  morddwyd 20:35 18 Apr 2013

If you're going to have yet another dig at Margaret Thatcher you might make it clear in the title rather than wrapping it up in some mawkish sentimentality.

You said the lady concerned had foes, but you saw fit to mention only one of them, a recently dead, demented old lady.

  Quiller. 20:45 18 Apr 2013

Well put Bing.alau.

Just hope and pray that history will exonerate all those who lost their lives on that awful day. I also hope the full truth comes out and those responsible for the wicked lies are named and shamed.

  Forum Editor 22:34 18 Apr 2013

"Margaret Thatcher, who we in Liverpool think instigated the cover up of the Hillsborough disaster."

And your evidence in support of your belief that she 'instigated'a cover up is?

  Kevscar1 06:12 19 Apr 2013

non-existant but when has that ever stopped some people

  morddwyd 08:28 19 Apr 2013

"Classic humour, morddwyd, made my day. Thanks."

You obviously have some very unusual experiences of senile dementia if you can find humour in it.

You must have found the film "Iris" a real hoot.

Takes special sort of mind, I guess.

  Bing.alau 13:21 19 Apr 2013

FE. No evidence. Just a hunch as the cowboys used to say. An awful lot of Liverpool people think along the same lines. Sorry if it upsets Margaret Thatcher's supporters.

  fourm member 13:45 19 Apr 2013


What matters is not that it upsets 'Margaret Thatcher's supporters' but that it diverts attention from investigating what really happened on that dreadful day.

Talking of Hillsborough, did anyone see that Kelvin McKenzie has been dropped by the Telegraph after just one column because Alan Hansen complained?

  carver 19:52 19 Apr 2013

Bing.alau Anne Williams was a true fighter and I believe with out her the truth may still be buried behind a pack of lies and cover ups.

Now for her I would stand in line to pay my respect.

Just a pity she could not have survived a few more years to see the full out come of her fight.

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