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We have been focusing on the wrong problem

  wee eddie 09:11 07 Aug 2019

This place is like a Committee.

Over the last week, or so, we have been bickering over the How's & Why's of Logging In/Out, caused by the latest Site reorganisation.

While we totally failed to focus on the removal of the Forum Button from the Red Top Bar. The Forum has now been side-lined and will, in the course of time, wither of its own accord.

Sorry China, as IDG Management has decreed, both your job and the Forum's existence, are now terminal

  Pine Man 14:14 24 Aug 2019

why is a picture of tumbleweed classed as 'Spam

You are right it isn't spam. It has been used on this forum before, usually on threads that go on and on and on. I think the last one was removed by the FE.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:36 24 Aug 2019

The person posting the tumbleweed picture has never started a thread or made a meaningful comment other than the picture in any other threads even in a previous guise.

  Dunk 17:55 24 Aug 2019

Thanks, that does explain it.

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