And we complain about the snow.

  Happy Soul 00:46 03 Mar 2005

Not computer related but click here and you'll realise we have had it easy.

  Dan the Confused 06:57 03 Mar 2005

Just before this thread gets the snip, I had a couple of friends visit Antarctica on holiday recently. Why? Because they wanted to see the penguins :Z

3D Penguins click here

  CurlyWhirly 08:01 03 Mar 2005

Them penguins sure are cute! Ahh!

  jack 08:59 03 Mar 2005

Its My fault.
My daughter and I flew in from Antartica on Sat[26] last.
Temp was on hovering on 32-34f Blue skies mostly
Came home via MonteVideo [100f+] and Beuonos Aries in the 80's - Brrrrr.

  Fellsider 10:37 03 Mar 2005

What exactly do people expect in winter?

I'm sure anyone else in NE England will agree with me, we are just putting our jumpers on!!

  spuds 12:59 03 Mar 2005

Slight drop of snow in my area, and the schools closed due to teachers poor attendance, and the council suspended refuse collection.All to do with Health and Safety, so we are informed.

I have friends who live in Canada, who last visited England when the railways closed down, due to the wrong type of snow on the tracks. They just couldn't believe it.I wonder how we managed years ago, has I still recall the days when the bus home required a little passenger help when it became stuck. Still got home with a more merrier feeling.

  Kate B 13:49 03 Mar 2005

I grew up in Canada and despite vast dumpings of snow every winter, whole chunks of the country did not shut down as happens here. It drives me bananas that a sprinkling of snow in central London causes almost total paralysis of the city. Don't they watch the weather forecasts?

  Alan H E 14:55 03 Mar 2005

Trouble is we don't like paying for equipment that may not be used for several winters so if we have a bad winter its not there.

  Forum Editor 18:54 03 Mar 2005

due to adverse weather conditions.

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