We ASSUME you must have a computer !!

  caccy 16:39 25 Jan 2016

I have just purchased a piece of Hi Fi equipment and inside the box was a noddy guide to connecting the inputs and speakers. To use this equipment properly a cd is supplied with a manual on it.

My question is "how do you get to the manual if you do not have a computer"?

I had to print out, at 4 pages to one A4 sheet, twenty pages because I needed the iformation to hand, not upstairs on the computer. If you did not have a computer what would you do?

  lotvic 17:05 25 Jan 2016

I agree, it would be a tad impossible to use the CD if you only had a tablet or smartphone. Maybe the manual is also available online? Though not a lot of good if you don't have any internet access.

  HondaMan 18:19 25 Jan 2016

Even if you have a computer, try reading the screen whilst installing, say software or hardware on self-same computer

  morddwyd 19:50 25 Jan 2016

I find it almost impossible read most modern manuals anyway, a combination of font size and trendy graphics, so I tend to download them to my smartphone, so I can "pinch-zoom" as required!

Do the same with newspapers and magazines, including PCA, but I would find life pretty difficult without internet access.

As reported elsewhere, I am just running in a new laptop, and that didn't even have a manual on CD. In fact, it doesn't even have a CD!

  Quickbeam 00:18 26 Jan 2016

CDs are now old hat!

  Forum Editor 12:50 26 Jan 2016

"how do you get to the manual if you do not have a computer"

Well, you take the CD to someone with a computer and a printer, and you have the manual.

I guess the manufacturers of your HFi equipment reckon that anyone who is buying that kind of thing will have access to a computer -that's the way the world is now.

  wee eddie 13:21 26 Jan 2016

There is an old SF Story about a Society that has got rid of jails and corrective institutions.

However, they have not got rid of penalties. Every Convicted Criminal is denied access to any type of Computer Terminal for a given period of time.

In a Cashless Society this is probably worse that jail.

  Forum Editor 14:14 26 Jan 2016

"In a Cashless Society this is probably worse that jail."

I paid a visit to a supermarket yesterday evening. I picked up a few items and got to the checkout, only to hear the assistant saying 'Cash payments only - the card payment system is down all over the UK'.

I rarely carry more than a few pounds in cash, so I had to abandon most of the shopping and leave. There was a lot of complaining going on at all the tills.

We live in a digital age, and we flounder when the technology lets us down.

  oresome 16:56 26 Jan 2016

I think the more serious point is that while the young and the middle aged to a lesser extent quickly embrace new technology, the rate of recent changes in technology can be daunting for the elderly who are left behind.

There will be many in their late sixties and beyond who have never owned or used a computer and are at a distinct disadvantage in our modern society.

Back to the OP's dilemma, can he not play the CD in the Hi-Fi equipment or am I showing my age?

  Forum Editor 17:30 26 Jan 2016


"....can he not play the CD in the Hi-Fi equipment or am I showing my age?

I'm afraid you are - the CD contains a 20-page instruction manual.

  oresome 19:17 26 Jan 2016

Perhaps I should have put a smiley.

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