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We all seem to have become desensitised

  Forum Editor 09:37 15 Feb 2018

to mass shootings in America - so much so, that yet another horrific incident at a school hasn't yet been mentioned here.

Donald Trump has sent his usual condolences and prayers to those who have lost loved ones, and Florida Senator Marco Rubio has trotted out the - by now familiar - statement that it is too soon to tell whether tighter gun control laws would have prevented such an outrage.

Donald Trump is on record as saying that his promise to gun-owning Americans is that he will "never, ever" do anything to threaten the second amendment. Pressure will mount, however and it will be interesting to see if it has any real effect. Increasing numbers of American citizens are realising that something has to be done to stop the awful tide of mass killings in their country.

If you take the American Gun violence archive's definition, a mass shooting is any incident in which four or more people are shot by a single person in the same location at the same time. That being the case, there were 307 mass shootings in America in 2017 alone and the five worst incidents in American history have all occurred in the past ten years.

Something is quite obviously going seriously wrong, and it doesn't take a genius to work out that easy access to guns is at the bottom of it. A gun can turn a normally weak, ineffectual person with a grudge into a killing machine and there is never a shortage of such people in any society. In this context the only difference between America and most other countries is that any American over the age of 18 can buy a shotgun or rifle simply by filling in a form. A short phone call to carry out a background check ensues, and the gun is handed over. Children younger than 18 may possess guns that were given to them by parents or guardians as gifts, provided that they have written permission.

Some States allow handguns to be carried openly on the streets or in cars without permits of any kind.

To most of us, it is incomprehensible but in America it is considered a fundamental right and that is the huge problem facing advocates of stricter gun control laws.

  bumpkin 21:16 18 Feb 2018

* I thought the statistics would be of interest.*

Tells me a lot, shame the yanks can't see it.

  Devil Fish 00:00 20 Feb 2018

I thought the statistics would be of interest.*

Tells me a lot, shame the yanks can't see it.

Blinded by dollars going into the funds.Obama if memory serves me correct tried to change gun controls and got voted down.By err lets say politicians favourable to the NRA.The Repuplicans need to look at themselves The Nra need to look at themselves and say enough is enough.But sadly it will not happen.How much are 19 school shootings worth in 2018 and we havent reached march yet,around $30 million dollars apperntly.

  john bunyan 10:50 20 Feb 2018

Trump makes a token gesture of looking at how people with mental issues could have greater scrutiny before purchase. No one will make radical changes to a society that owns more guns than the population size, but if the youth and voters concentrated on one issue at a time, maybe, just maybe, a bit of progress could be made. Assault rifles and automatic sub machine guns for a start. The most ardent hunter should be quite happy with a bolt action rifle. Also large calibre (such as .50mm) rifles are not needed.

A MAC 10 or M16 has no place in hunting.

Odds on nothing will happen, as Obama found out.

  Forum Editor 12:38 20 Feb 2018

"...looking at how people with mental issues could have greater scrutiny before purchase."

What nonsense that man talks - how can a gunshop owner, or a public servant who scrutinises gun purchases ever know if a prospective purchaser has a mental issue? Anyone who goes out with a gun and randomly shoots complete strangers has a mental issue.

The answer is not to waste time trying to detect those people when they buy the guns, but to remove from the general population the right to bear arms.

  Gordon Freeman 12:55 20 Feb 2018

If this is such a major issue, how come the Hollywood luvvies, such as those on the "#metoo" et al bandwagon(s), aren't all over this like a rash? Is it because they aren't directly affected?

  john bunyan 19:25 20 Feb 2018

but to remove from the general population the right to bear arms.

I suspect Aitchbee's betting friends would give odds of in the thousands to one of that happening in the USA. Repeal the 2nd amendment? No chance. Concentrate on automatic and military weapons first - even that is unlikely.

  Aitchbee 20:23 20 Feb 2018

jb, I can't give any available official odds on these particular issues. I agree they're not likely .. but Trump is a loose cannon so you never know. He would rightly go down in American folklore as the bravest US President if he achieved all of what you intimated above.

I believe in miracles, btw.

  Quickbeam 06:41 22 Feb 2018

Trump's 'educated' solution...


1]: [click here

  Forum Editor 08:34 22 Feb 2018

The problem is a President who seems incapable of joined up thinking. Whenever he makes a public statement in front of a camera he appears to be making it up as he goes along, and at times it's excruciating to watch.

Last night, on the late news he was sitting with some students. He stated that 'we are going to look at tightening the controls on people with mental issues (nobody sniggered) and "we're going to do a lot of other things, too".

It's shocking to think that the world's most powerful public figure had quite obviously spent hardly any time preparing for the meeting - he thinks he can cruise through pretty well any situation by spouting meaningless platitudes.

This time, unrest over the school shooting situation could rapidly gather speed. Let's hope that Donald Trump realises that he can't continue to get away with talking the talk, and starts walking the walk. He has been presented with a unique opportunity to go down in history as the first American President to do something radical about his country's gun disease.

  BT 09:30 22 Feb 2018

I've been involved in a Facebook discussion with an American acquaintance and a number of her friends and family over the past couple of days.She is a Mother and Grandmother and is vehemently anti-gun. Her son is pro-gun as is his friends.

The attitude is "I have to have a gun if so-and-so has a gun so that I can protect myself and Family from him".

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