We all complain about the rising cost of food,

  Forum Editor 07:24 02 Oct 2013

but do you really know what everyday items cost?

  wee eddie 08:02 02 Oct 2013

Hate to admit this but you wouldn't catch me dead, buying any of the items mentioned, except the vegetables

  john bunyan 08:03 02 Oct 2013

As I do the shopping I got 7/7 (the beer was a guess)

  Mr Mistoffelees 08:58 02 Oct 2013

I don't do the shopping but, got 4 right. Got the bear wrong because I don't drink lager.

  Mr Mistoffelees 08:59 02 Oct 2013

Don;t know where the bear came into it! Should read beer.

  fourm member 09:15 02 Oct 2013

But it isn't 'What everyday items cost?' It is 'What figure the ONS uses for its inflation model?'

As various commentators have pointed out, no-one knows the price of a loaf of bread because it varies from shop to shop and time to time.

Asking a politician to name the price of a commodity is lazy journalism and, if it is done on TV, means the time when an important question could have been asked is wasted.

  Brumas 09:28 02 Oct 2013

Does one actually shop? Harrods have delivered ours for years so one has absolutely no idea, that's why one has a housekeeper ;o}

Back to reality ;o} I also do the shopping and scored 4/7 like Mr Mistoffelees. I got the bread question wrong, but could tell you the prices of bread flour, because like the PM, me and the breadmaker make our own bread.

  Ex plorer 09:36 02 Oct 2013

I do all my own shopping score 4/7.

shopping round can help, one Item I like, locally cost £2 and £1.70 in two different shops, a shop nine miles away sells it for £1 so when passing I buy five at a time when required.

  Woolwell 10:21 02 Oct 2013

I only got 2/7 and I do all of the weekly shopping but this wasn't about the weekly shop as it included MOT. Also I don't buy many of the items in that way as I too bake the bread.

  fourm member 10:25 02 Oct 2013


'any serious question will likely be deflected and a 'stock' answer, to whatever question they WANT to answer would then be produced, anyway'

That seems to me to be moving along the road to saying that all interviews with politicians are a waste of time.

'better to have a bit of fun'

Is that really how we want political debate to be handled? We know all about the contempt for politicians. How do you address that if you can't tell the difference between an interview with a politician and a comedy panel show?

General comment

It's worth saying that, in the linked quiz, I got the price of beer wrong because I don't drink. As Brumas noted Cameron doesn't buy bread. Why should he know the price?

Of course, as ever, it is damned if you do... If Cameron had reeled off a list of food prices I'm sure someone would have accused him of wasting his time learning trivia rather than dealing with important issues.

  spuds 11:12 02 Oct 2013

I got a result of 6/7, probably because I keep up with prices on a fairly daily level. And spreading my shopping visits throughout the range of outlets.

But I venture to ask the question about 'average', because in my opinion, each household or person might base their own average on something entirely different to me and mine. Take one of the most staple foods, and that is bread. The price range can be very widely different, depending on the person's preferences. Take my local Co-ops for an example, why buy 'top of the range' bread at say £1.40 or above, and later find that this same bread is on reduced offer of 30 pence or so, because the store as overstocked. it doesn't take much thinking to realise saving can be made on most things, if wise decisions are made by perhaps the more canny?.

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