We all come back in the end

  Cymro. 15:06 09 Jan 2017

I have been off the Forum for some time possibly as much as ten years. No particular reason just moved on to new interests and happened to get a new computer and never pothered to update my favorite list. So here I am again some ten years older and perhaps a bit wiser but probably not. Reading down the list of postings in this section I noticed that some of the same old names were still there while others aren't. So how have things been for you folks over the last ten years or so then? Not in the term of world affairs but on a more personal level. Have you found your level of overall happiness to be higher than it was. Personally yes I do think I am happier than in the past. Some of this I think is due to becoming older and so more willing to put up with the woes of life. Three grandchildren and my daughter moving back up this way to live have helped. Yes there are the usual problems that come with old age. Myself at 70 and the wife 68 now but what the hell we manage. Hope you people are all at least as well and happy as I am. I don't know if I will again be on the Forum as often as in the past. New interests have rather taken over and let's face it this is a rather infuriatingly slow Forum to use. Perhaps it is time I considered buying a new computer again.

  Forum Editor 15:14 09 Jan 2017

Good to see a familiar name from the past, Cymro.

Welcome back, and try to look in whenever you can. We're still here after 17 years, and still doing pretty well much the same as we were when you were last here. Computers have moved on a bit since then, but they still manage to throw up a raft of problems.

  Brumas 15:22 09 Jan 2017

Cymro., welcome back old pal, hope you will drop in on Friday night, the more the merrier ;o}

  Cymro. 15:57 09 Jan 2017

A welcome back from the Editor himself I'm honored. Sorry I don't remember your name and a quick look on Google come up with nothing well it was only a very quick look. I promise not to bring on your anger with me rather aggressive and sometimes deliberately obstreperous postings. Like myself you are getting on and so must not be stressed or angered too much.

  Cymro. 16:03 09 Jan 2017

Sorry Brumas but I never could make it on a Friday night but I always used to check out you excellent collection of postcards and on occasions even managed to recognize some of the locations. Coming from a part of the country that has long been a holiday destination there were some from just down the road from me.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:15 09 Jan 2017

Welcome back - hard to break the chains isn't it :0)

  Brumas 17:32 09 Jan 2017

Cymro., nae bother as they say up here ;o}

  lotvic 17:46 09 Jan 2017

I thought the name was familiar, and what's that 'old age' thing all about :)

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  Govan1x 18:39 09 Jan 2017

Time must fly for you Cymro as it is only 3-4 years ago that you were last on. probably feels like 20 years though.

Welcome back.

  Cymro. 11:21 10 Jan 2017

Yes you're quite right Govan1x I just checked out my Last Posts and found that I asked a question on the 12 November 2013. As you suggest time must fly for me. I never was one for checking out my facts before posting.

  Cymro. 13:18 10 Jan 2017

Is there less use made of Speakers Corner than there used to be? Many of the Threads haven't been answered for some time. There was a time when someone would post something or other very quickly no matter what time of the day or night. I also notice that the Forum Editor has started many of the Threads himself. There at present about 9 Threads started by the F.E. Obviously I have no objection to the F.E. posting it is just that it made me wonder if this section of the Forums is seeing lees use than it used to. Then again it may be just me looking back at the past and thinking that everything was better in the o,ld days.

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