WD40,BBC&Wacky Uses For WD40.

  Big L 266 08:42 03 Jun 2010


After the success of my South African Dung Beetle thread, I now present something on WD40.

The follow-up thread is called "WD40,BBC & Wacky Uses For WD40 Products". See the links below.

This link is for the BBC World Service Documentary on WD40.

click here

This link is for Joey Green's Wacky Uses for WD40.

click here

I hope you like my thread.

Big L 266

  Grey Goo 10:03 03 Jun 2010

Actually Auto Glym alloy wheel cleaner cleans garden cutters that the wife puts away without a thought.

  v1asco 10:28 03 Jun 2010

or you can go to the wd40 website which does it room by room click here

  jakimo 10:50 03 Jun 2010

Im a firm believer of WD40 and have used it for 40 years

  Big L 266 11:13 03 Jun 2010


Grey Goo, bugle, jakimo, .... hope you've all been listening to the BBC World Service documentary? I knew about the WD40 uses website but somehow Joey Greens' was a lot less formal and funnier!

I wish I could use it on my neck, shoulder, hip and ankle. They're all a bit of a curse and a cuss or three today.

Big L 266

  Clapton is God 12:31 03 Jun 2010

"After the success of my South African Dung Beetle thread"

In your humble opinion, presumably?

  Bingalau 12:51 03 Jun 2010

I am sure we have had a WD40 thread before.. very enlightening it was too.

  jakimo 13:09 03 Jun 2010

"I wish I could use it on my neck, shoulder, hip and ankle. They're all a bit of a curse and a cuss or three today."

don't no about those areas, but might be useful around damp nether regions of octogenarians

  Big L 266 13:24 03 Jun 2010


Clapton is God....In my humble opinion this thread will also be a success and very enlightening!

Bingalau....Learning about product history is a great way of passing time today I think. The BBC World Service programme was excellent.

jakimo....I'm sure your damp nether regions may find this product a bit....err....harsh.Do other fellow octogenarians find it useful though?

Big L 266

  Covergirl 13:48 03 Jun 2010

. . . in roughly the right proportions creates just about the same mixture as WD40, obviously without the little bits & pieces they put in there to make it unique.

WD40 (& PlusGas etc) is, after all, just a 'thin' oil that gets into tight places quicker than yer average 10/40w.

I still buy a can when the bank manger is feeling generous, but tend to stick to the cheapies.

  ronalddonald 21:20 03 Jun 2010

I think you should also give a warning if you breath the smell of WD40, it can trigger asthma attacks

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