Wayne Rooney Skill

  gardener 15:44 22 Aug 2008

Regardless of what you may think of Wayne Rooney, what he does here is quite astonishing:

click here

  pj123 15:55 22 Aug 2008

Who is Wayne Rooney?

  Jak_1 16:06 22 Aug 2008

"Who is Wayne Rooney?"

A hubcap collectors assistant!

  Woolwell 16:11 22 Aug 2008

Have you seen the associated clip click here

The first clip was take 3. Still pretty good.

  Forum Editor 17:17 22 Aug 2008

that anyone who has even an average interest in news - either on TV or printed - has not heard of Wayne Rooney, and to suggest otherwise strikes me as somewhat pretentious.

Wayne may not be 'Mr.Personality 2008' but his sheer determination and work rate on the field is something other footballers would do well to note. He exudes entusiasm and the will to win, and there can be few football fans who wouldn't like to see him playing for their team.

  Curio 17:23 22 Aug 2008

Not so good when his mouth and temper take charge though.

  Forum Editor 17:29 22 Aug 2008

Likewise most young men at some point in their youth. Wayne is paid a very great deal of money to so what he does, and he seems to think that he should play himself into the ground in return.

He's young, and is constantly in the spotlight, and yes, he has a short fuse at times - although he's getting better. These people aren't gods, they're young and famous and rich, and they're all flawed - like you and me. The difference is we don't do what we do in front of huge crowds, so not a lot of people see us losing our temper.

  dagbladet 17:46 22 Aug 2008


click here

  Curio 18:33 22 Aug 2008

But still not a person I would wish my grand-children to emulate.

  tullie 18:36 22 Aug 2008

I think pj123 must be a Liverpol supporter,living of past glories.

  tullie 18:38 22 Aug 2008

As for grand children emulating him,they could do far,far worse.

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