A Way to turn off Advertising

  jacquie37 23:43 25 Apr 2013

Is there a way to turn off all advertising on a laptop without turning off your cookies?

  nickf 23:57 25 Apr 2013

Jacquie , go to Abine.com, and download do not track me , this will certainly help , and disable Java .

  jacquie37 01:03 26 Apr 2013

I looked on the internet and found Adblock Pro and downloaded it. It costs $19.95 but seems to work.

  spuds 10:09 26 Apr 2013

Whether Adblock Plus is the same as Adblock Pro I haven't bothered to check. Adblock Plus was a free download,and so far it appears to work on my systems.

The only issue I have found with Adblock Plus, is the time on start-up and how it configures itself, especially and perhaps more so on the PCA website?.

  spuds 10:15 26 Apr 2013

Out of curiosity I have just checked Adblock Plus for updates. It would appear that the program gives a message "out-of-date lists are updated periodically". There is an 'Update Now' tab, but that doesn't appear to work?.

  SimpleSimon1 11:16 26 Apr 2013


As far as AdblockPlus is concerned, filter list subscriptions are automatically updated, as needed. I think this happens whenever you start up your browser session. For example, I subscribe to EasyList and Fanboy's Adblock List - as I type this, the former was last updated on the 23/04 and the latter was updated about 15 mins agao i.e. when I first opened FF, this morning.

AdblockPlus is mozilla-only. Looking at AdblockPro, it seems to be for IE so I guess that's what the OP is using. Mind you, looking at the link provided by Lazarus The 2nd, Adblock pro seems a somewhat dubious choice (especially since IE9 onwards has blocking list subscription functionality built into the browser)

  spuds 12:37 26 Apr 2013


You have got me thinking, so I have just done some further checks.

I don't use Internet Explorer all that often, but Firefox as the main browser and Chrome for the PCA website. Checking it would appear that Adblock Plus is on my systems Chrome browser but not on the other two. Strange really because I thought that I did install it on all three browsers originally?.

Checking on the internet, it would appear that Adblock Plus http://www.adblockplus.org and Adblock Pro http://www.adblockpro.com come from two totally different stables. Adblock Plus website state that this product is for Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Andriod plus possibly others.

The "filter list subscription are automatically updated" comment would now seem feasible on start-up, and possibly confirms what I would regard "how it configures itself". Thanks for that information, I'll have to keep my eye on that.

  N47. 14:00 26 Apr 2013


You disable Java as it is a possible security threat, full of holes.


You disable java script to cut down on pop ups, trackers,and generally load pages quicker.

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