Water Meter - The Result

  ams4127 16:52 21 Aug 2012

Some may remember that I had a thread going back in March about getting a water meter fitted, and asking for advice on saving water. I had not been impressed by getting a proposed bill for £42/month.

Here's what happened.

The meter was fitted in April by Welsh Water, which took about four hours. I also got a "water saving" pack, which consisted of a couple of bags to go in the cisterns, a new shower head, a new garden hose sprinkler, various pipe/tap filters and a few more bits.

After asking me some questions about our useage, they reckoned that my bill would be £31/month and the DD was set up.

My first bill has just arrived and the results are excellent.

My new DD will be £19.50/month. This amounts to a saving of £20.50/month from the original unmetered bill. About £246/year saved.

And all for free!

This has involved very little extra effort in saving water by my wife and I. Indeed, we have had several visits from our children in their mobile homes and have filled their tanks on many occasions.

I can thoroughly recommend fitting a water meter. Especially if you live in an area, as we do, where the prices are high.

  oresome 17:04 21 Aug 2012

Glad you've seen the sense.

We had a meter fitted well over 10 years ago and saved money even when we were a 4 person household. Now there are just the 2 of us, the savings are even greater. Presently the DD is £25 per month.

  interzone55 17:21 21 Aug 2012

Doesn't work for everyone

I looked into getting a water meter at my last house and the online water usage calculator suggested my bill would double, so I didn't bother.

Where I live now we're on a bore hole, so no water rates or meter, but we do need to filter the water, which was costing about £10 a month in filters until I found one that lasts twice as long and costs less than half as much...

  BT 18:10 21 Aug 2012

Just paid my Metered water bill, £73 for the half year.

  Aitchbee 18:34 21 Aug 2012

I've got a plastic water-hose arrangement attached to my cold-water bath-tap, which extends through the toilet window [always ajar] and then ends up [via the washing-line] out towards my array of plant-pots at rear of building.

In Scotland, we pay water rates (incorporated into Council Tax bill). I currently pay about £20 per month...same as ams4127.

I have a similar watering setup ... kitchen cold-tap connection ... leading out to my 'busy' verandah...but this summer, I have only had to use that water-hose about 5 times...because of the rainy weather.

The council-tax in Glasgow has not been increased for about 6/7 years...but I am expecting a rise next April.

  bremner 20:33 21 Aug 2012

When we moved in to our house the water rates were £1300 p.a. More than 2.5 times what we paid in London. We opted quickly for a water meter.

Our bill for 4 adults last year was £550.

  spuds 23:07 21 Aug 2012

This year we paid £223.25 for un-metered water. A year or so ago all the user's got a discount, because Ofwat had fined the water company for overcharging.

  Graham* 00:32 22 Aug 2012

Our local council are proposing to reduce the amount of water used by the civic swimming pool by closing lanes 7 and 8 during the week.

  muddypaws 16:52 22 Aug 2012

Handy for non swimmers.

  ams4127 20:14 22 Aug 2012


The old ones are always the best!!

  Miké 19:02 23 Aug 2012

We have a water meter my daughter who lives next door does not! Needless to say when I need a large amount of water for my koi pond my lawns or caravan washing, the long hose I bought some years ago becomes very useful :-)

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