water charges

  karmgord 20:37 26 Feb 2010

Southern water wants to charge more for their water in the summer months
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Whatever next, are we to pay more for our gas in the winter months?
Another example of privatized greedy Britain

  morddwyd 20:48 26 Feb 2010

"privatized greedy Britain"

Speak for yourself.

Some parts of Britain do not have privatised water.

Don't know that it's any cheaper though!

  karmgord 20:53 26 Feb 2010

You can't choose your water company,also I suppose after all the rain we are having at the moment we will be told that it's the "wrong sort" of water,it's the type that leaks out of pipes that have holes in!

  peter99co 21:06 26 Feb 2010

How would they measure you seasonal use?

  john bunyan 21:24 26 Feb 2010

It applies to people with water meters - special ones that know the dates.Thank God I don't have one.

  peter99co 21:30 26 Feb 2010

I do have a meter but it only give a normal counter reading.

I have cut my bill by two thirds though because it is installed. (Severn Trent)

Latest assessment is £13 per month for 10 months.

I was paying £320+

  fitcher 21:47 26 Feb 2010

how can anyone call watercharges expensive .when bt charges for a thin piece of wire paid for over and over again ,run with twelve vaults . sea lines paid for years ago..
when the poor water has to have big underground pipes costing thousands to repair, electricity has expensive pylons , and gas has to buy at expensive prices,.and run underground pipes costing thousands of pounds.
and unbelievabley Bt are upping their prices again ..who are the thieves I ask you ,wake up ..I wish I could afford to have broadband without having a stinking bt land line

  Input Overload 22:09 26 Feb 2010

I only had a water meter 5 years ago, one thing you do is be more careful, it costs no more now than it was unmetered. I think everyone should have a meter or no one.

People forget you also have filthy water taken away & cleaned fit inland to go into rivers. It OK saying build more reservoirs, there has to be specific ground conditions for a reservoirs & the places in the UK to build more are few.

I think a water grid is the answer, move water from the very wet areas to the dry (Eastern England) Not cheap though. Kielder Water has vast amounts of water. click here

  spuds 19:02 27 Feb 2010

How will they charge extra when the reservoirs are at very low levels, and bowser's are on stand-by!.

  peter99co 20:19 27 Feb 2010

Have you thought of using a broadband dongle.

I use a 3 version at £15 ppm for out and about connection.

  Forum Editor 00:38 28 Feb 2010

What nonsense.

The idea is to try to get people to consume less water during the driest months of the year because population growth and climate changes are combining to decrease river flow volumes.

Southern Water will charge 6% more than the standard rate for water between June and September, and 2% less than standard for the rest of the year. The company says most people will end up paying about the same amount over the whole year.

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