Water bill v fuel bills.

  John B 08:28 28 Aug 2009

Just wondered how they compare for you?

I pay £86 per month for gas and electricity (combined) and £73.22 for water (not on a meter).

The way it's going I could end up paying more for water than for energy!

  BT 08:59 28 Aug 2009

Looks like you should see about getting a water meter. Just paid mine (metered) £96.50 for 6 months. You can have a meter for a trial period of two years. If its not cheaper you can revert to unmetered.

Out of interest my average Gas/Electric for the last 6 months comes out at about £65/Month. I pay quarterly.

  sunnystaines 09:12 28 Aug 2009

i am similar in bills to "BT" also have a water meter.

  oresome 10:15 28 Aug 2009

Metered water for a 3 person household £29/month.
Gas and electric £68/month

  Bingalau 10:26 28 Aug 2009

I'm also on a meter but something tells me that as soon as metered homes exceed non metered homes, they will raise the prices for them.

  John B 10:41 28 Aug 2009

I've just used South West Water's 'estimate your savings on a meter' calculator click here

We're quite economical with our water, rarely using a hosepipe for example and we'd still be about £250 worse off on a meter!

  wids001 11:06 28 Aug 2009

At least the water regulator uses her powers to stop them increasing charges, in fact they've been ordered to reduce them. Just as well because my concern with water meters is that once the water company's revenues start falling as consumers cut back they will increase their prices to keep up their profits and it will end up a vicious circle of consumers cutting back whilst prices increase, unless the regulator steps in.

It's a shame the regulator for the power companies doesn't do the same and force them to reduce their prices to a realistic level following large reductions in the wholesale costs of Electricity & gas!

  Cymro. 11:19 28 Aug 2009

With just the wife and myself home now we should really consider having a water meeter fitted. We mostly use the shower and never wash the car or use a hosepipe. The house is just 3 bedroom and and so we can`t possibly use all that much watter.

It is just that we are so used to consuming water without giving it a thought as to how much we get through that I don`t like the idea of being economical with it.

Yes I do know that my attitude is wrong and that I am not being environmentally friendly and am even wasting money by not having a water meeter fitted.

But the thought of watching every drop of water we use, flushing the toilet, cleaning teeth, preparing food and such like is not an idea I like. Mind you even people like me will eventually see the light and get a watter meter.

Perhaps I am of the wrong generation and have been so used to just using water as if it was free of charge that the idea of being economical with it is just beyond me.

I am also not very happy with the principle of rationing by price. The rich and wealthy will still just go on as they have always done and use watter as if it really was free of charge as they can afford to do so.

  John B 11:24 28 Aug 2009

Perhaps you can find a calculator on your water supplier's website; as I said above, it seems that I'd be worse off!

  Pine Man 12:05 28 Aug 2009

Your water seems extremely expensive at £73 per month. Mine costs me 8 payments of £12 for my unmetered water and 10 payments of £27 for unmetered waste water services. (We have a different company for each in our area.) That gives a total of £366 per annum.

Gas & Electricity combined are £75 per month.

All the above are for a three bedroomed house.

  hssutton 12:13 28 Aug 2009

"We're quite economical with our water, rarely using a hosepipe for example and we'd still be about £250 worse off on a meter!"

£250 worse of!

I paid £335.18 over the past year for metered water from Anglia Water. Family of three adults, one being severly disabled, which inceases the water usage

When I first whent onto a meter quite a number of years ago Anglia quoted an annual cost which was double what I actually paid

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