Watching TV, and walking the streets.......

  Forum Editor 16:25 09 Mar 2019

these days I often find myself wondering whether I am one of the few men around who doesn't have a beard.

It seems to me that beards - particularly on younger men - have become a cultural symbol 'Look, I'm one of us, the trendy group. I have a beard, even if it looks a little silly on me'.

A while back, it was male pony tails and there are still a few die-hards- now bald on top.That looks silly too. And while I'm about it, what about the ageing hippy look - like that archeologist in the Time Team?

  Forum Editor 18:20 12 Mar 2019

Nobody should take this too seriously, it certainly wasn't intended to offend anyone.

Last night I was channel hopping, and I watched a short item about people who have extreme body modifications - removal of most of the ear structure was one of them.

What a strange species we are.

  qwbos 00:26 14 Mar 2019

Last night I was channel hopping

Always dangerous. There are some pretty weird things on the telly these days, few if any of which are attractive to all but, at best, a tiny minority. In our household, oversized lips and bizarre eyebrows - hairy caterpillars and asymetrics among others - come in for a lot of comment. I'm also somewhat intrigued by grossly over-sized breast implants. How do they stay up? Are they filled with helium?

  Quickbeam 03:00 14 Mar 2019

They're self supporting as can be witnessed on the beach...

  john bunyan 11:48 14 Mar 2019

In military days spent quite a time in Sarawak; met many tribes, Iban, Kenyah, Penan etc. Older ladies would have quite have quite heavy weights to elongate holes in earlobes.

Iban lady

  Forum Editor 16:02 14 Mar 2019

john bunyan

I have a 1930's Sarawak banknote somewhere. I think my father picked it up when he made a flying (literally) visit. I also remember having lots of attractive Sarawak stamps, back in the days when stamp collecting was a thing.

  qwbos 01:18 15 Mar 2019

They're self supporting as can be witnessed on the beach...

I'm referring to the monstrosities that resemble beach balls and appear to be gravity defying.

  Quickbeam 04:55 15 Mar 2019


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