Watching TV, and walking the streets.......

  Forum Editor 16:25 09 Mar 2019

these days I often find myself wondering whether I am one of the few men around who doesn't have a beard.

It seems to me that beards - particularly on younger men - have become a cultural symbol 'Look, I'm one of us, the trendy group. I have a beard, even if it looks a little silly on me'.

A while back, it was male pony tails and there are still a few die-hards- now bald on top.That looks silly too. And while I'm about it, what about the ageing hippy look - like that archeologist in the Time Team?

  Belatucadrus 16:40 09 Mar 2019

I had a beard, a nice Van Dyke and it suited me. Then as you say they became the trendy in thing so I said sod it and shaved it off.

I do have the bald on top look down pat but that's due to genetics and is no way a style statement. You can take your toupees and transplants and stick them where the sun don't shine. Maybe I need a tokoyama see if I can carry off the samurai look used by sumotori ? now that would be a style statement !!

  Quickbeam 16:54 09 Mar 2019

I suppose that you'll disapprove of my trendy loons and Afghan then...

  wee eddie 16:58 09 Mar 2019

FE, you forget Fashion and Peer Group Pressure.

I am led to believe that you are at least 39 and therefore immune to such things,but don't knock 'em. M

Maybe you wear brown shoes with your blue suit, an anathema to my generation. But many of us, as I did in my youth, make a living out of selling to sheep

  john bunyan 17:03 09 Mar 2019

During my (long ago) military days beards were not allowed ( except on certain undercover situations) so I got through the young and middle years clean shaven. I find shaving so quick, and like to do so early. I suspect a grey beard would look far from trendy! I did ask why Prince Harry is allowed a beard if in Army or RM uniform. I suspect his grandmother gave permission. I once, in the early 70’s had a Viva Zapata moustache as did a lot of my military peer group but found it irritating and accidentally shaved half of it off. Trends in the “hair “ area come and go.

I don’t much like beards but each to their own

  qwbos 17:06 09 Mar 2019

My beard celebrated its fiftieth birthday last year. I didn't decide to grow a beard because it was trendy, but because it was more comfortable than scraping my skin.

I've never looked on hair as anything other than something to be made as comfortable as possible, with the top of my head resolving that issue all by itself!

That looks silly too.

If you're going to make comments like that, I think we need a photo so that we can see if you're in a position to cast judgement ;o)>>>>

  Brumas 17:48 09 Mar 2019

A couple of years after I was married I fancied a beard but Fran wasn't too keen so I thought no problem. Later that month I developed an irritating rash on my face so i grew a 'full set' and life was rosy. When my rash succumbed to the stuff the doctor prescribed I thought great, now I can shave it off, however Fran thought it looked quite dashing and had become quite accustomed to it!

I still have a neatly trimmed beard and a full head of hair albeit grey-white not jet black as it was originally; I wouldn't be without one now unfortunately I look like a polar bear with specs, hence my handle Brumas ;o}

  HondaMan 20:22 09 Mar 2019

I look a bit like Santa unless I keep it under control!

  Aitchbee 20:59 09 Mar 2019

On the other hand, I've noticed whilst on my travels recently that schoolgirls now seem to favour the Groucho Marx look with regard to their eyebrows.

  Al94 21:36 09 Mar 2019

Reminds me of a friends observation - under every poney's tail there is an arsehole!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:50 09 Mar 2019

Had the mandatory "tach" and really long hair in the early 70s, lost to the dictates of safety at work, too hard to keep clean and out of moving machinery.

Late 70's was silk shirts with fluffy sleeves which I got rid of when the New Romantics came in (first and only time I've been ahead of the fashion trend).

Designer stubble (when not working) and full grey now and 10 years or more behind with fashion :0)

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