Watching the Royal Institute lectures?

  Forum Editor 15:00 30 Dec 2008

These talks are always on my list for Christmas/New year viewing, and this year they're about computers. Last night's first lecture by Chris Bishop, chief research scientist at Microsoft Research in Cambridge and professor of computer science at the University of Edinburgh, was a promising start to what looks like being a fascinating series.

The second lecture is at 7:15 tonight on Channel Five.

  SB23 16:24 30 Dec 2008

I hadn't given them a thought this year, but from 7.15 tonight I'll be busy watching them.

Thanks FE.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:32 30 Dec 2008

Never miss the lectures have been waching them for must be 30 yrs or more now.

  Forum Editor 23:49 30 Dec 2008

I think the series might grow on you as it proceeds. Bear in mind that it's designed to be understandable to children - that's the whole idea of the lectures.

I've heard Chris Bishop speak on several occasions, and he can be fascinating when in full flow.

  LastChip 01:21 31 Dec 2008

Taking a break and making very sure I'm around for these lectures.

I try and watch them very year, but this is the first year I've been able to make sure I don't *have* to work at the allotted time.

The first two have been excellent in my view and if these don't encourage potential computer scientists and engineers, I don't know what will. Certainly, there were no lack of volunteers from the kids.

Great stuff; love it!

  BT 08:32 31 Dec 2008

Repeats are on at 05.15am if you miss the evening one or need to record it.

  Toneman 10:59 31 Dec 2008

Don't you lot have video recorders to skip the ads?

  Forum Editor 11:13 31 Dec 2008

is about software, and should be pretty interesting.

It must be quite difficult to explain something as complex as, for instance, how a CPU circuitry is etched onto the surface of a silicone wafer to an audience of children. My wife watched the first lecture with me, and when it got to the part about how the various etching masks are washed off she said she was finding it hard to follow.

Possibly the right way to judge the success or otherwise of the series is to watch all the talks - later on Chris Bishop will undoubtedly talk about some of the stuff he's working on for the future, and that should prove very interesting.

  Legolas 11:19 31 Dec 2008

I seen that one yesterday morning. It was fascinating I especially liked the bit when they put the girls initials onto a grain of rice. Ingenious. I will probably record tonight edition.

  sunnystaines 21:18 31 Dec 2008

watch on ch5 player on the net if you are one of the few that can get it to work.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:49 01 Jan 2009

Yes that's one blast of a demonstration that explains it easily.

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