Waste of Money?

  bremner 14:38 13 Jun 2010

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An NWAS spokesman said the increase had occurred "despite campaigns by both the police and ambulance service to ask the public to drink sensibly and enjoy matches in good spirit".

Campaigns that will have cost money.

Is this money that could have been better spent in these days of public expenditure cuts?

My local Force seems to have provided a poster for virtally every pub warning that drinking leads to violence at a time when they have to cut their budget by £3m this year.

Do you think posters will make the slightest difference?

  wee eddie 15:18 13 Jun 2010

bremner: Our local Force are continuously being told to 'do something about it' but that instruction rarely comes with any, practical, suggestions. So they do what best they can.

Most of us are aware that such Posters will make little, or no, difference to the die-hards. However it may warn the more sober, if that is an acceptable pun, of us that it's a good time to keep our heads down.

While I have no Statistics to quote, I have been told by a member of the local Police Force that they reckon that most of the injured are innocent by-standers rather than the Instigators.

  spuds 15:26 13 Jun 2010

These sought of campaigns make very little difference to the uninitiated. Take the Drink and Drive campaigns, and the results or lack of that brings.

Our local constabulary had a brain-wave last year. Give confectionery type lollipops to people heading for the nightclubs?.

  morddwyd 18:53 13 Jun 2010

Similar campaigns were used in the days of National Service (and later) when young lads went overseas for the first time.

Graphic warnings, and films, about STDs being rife among the local bar girls.

No-one I knew ever took a blind bit of notice.

(Don't ask, I'll lie!)

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