Was Scotland 'mugged' then?

  newman35 15:29 14 Feb 2009

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No wonder the Scots don't seem to trust their neighbour.

  Clapton is God 15:35 14 Feb 2009

"The UK Government has conspired to keep Scotland from her oil wealth and her independence for over 30 years"

That would be the same UK (of which Scotland is a part) Government currently led by a Scot, would it?

  peter99co 15:38 14 Feb 2009

Only a political anorak would get excited about the contents of a 30-year-old historical document

  newman35 15:56 14 Feb 2009

That was the Tory line, I presume!

Water under the bridge, but it is somewhat indicative of the desire, at that time, to make sure that the oil was protected from Independence.

Clapton is God

Both 'major' parties seemed in agreement, and just because the English need Scots to 'run' the UK does not make it a case that all Scots are Nationalists, surely?

  The Brigadier 16:03 14 Feb 2009

Home rule for Scotland cant come soon enough.
Then the Scottish people can fund Scotland instead of the whole of the UK!.
Then we can set about the repatriation of all Scots back to Scotland!!!

  WhiteTruckMan 16:13 14 Feb 2009

Also means that asylum seekers don't have to stop when they get to dover :-)


  The Brigadier 16:23 14 Feb 2009

I'm not Anti-Scottish, my Gran was born in Glasgow.
But i think it's time for Alex Salmond & the SNP to wake up & realise that Scotland may not be able to afford breaking away from London & England!

  wee eddie 16:25 14 Feb 2009

I would vote for Home Rule, if only to shut up the winching.

Our Parliament here is such a mediocre lot of time-served Place-men/women that give them 10 years and they will be begging to be let back in to the UK, to sort out the mess these Nonentities will get us into.

Having said that, your own lot down there, aren't too hot either. With so little gumption in the whole of the Ruling Party that they need a Scot to lead them.

  The Brigadier 16:27 14 Feb 2009

May be Jeremy Clarkson had a point;-)

  WhiteTruckMan 16:28 14 Feb 2009

the blind leading the blind

(no, that wasnt any kind of one eyed reference either)


  newman35 16:43 14 Feb 2009

So good to hear the whinging tones of all the anti-Scottish Brigade, throwing every old cliche out, "the blind leading the blind", my goodness even asylum seekers get thrown in!!

Maybe, just maybe, if the oil (which it can be argued was theirs) had gone into Scotland then they would likely be supporting England in this recession, akin to Norway's position.

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