Was Peter Hain right to name the businessman?

  oresome 08:16 26 Oct 2018

Three high court judges upheld the non disclosure agreements after careful consideration.

Would the identity have leaked out anyway via foreign news sources?

Is the use of NDAs an abuse of power and money?

  Forum Editor 08:48 26 Oct 2018

In answer to your questions - thread title first:

Probably - it might be argued that disclosure was in the public interest.

Would it have leaked? Yes

Abuse of Power and Money? It is certainly something that only the wealthy can afford to do. That said, judges make the decision. It's a legal device, so I'm not sure that abuse is an applicable word.

  Pine Man 11:44 26 Oct 2018

I'm not convinced the what Hain did was the correct way to go.

Already MPs are calling for Greens title to be removed from him BUT at the moment these are only ALLEGATIONS that have yet to be proved.

These sort of issues are best dealt with by the courts in my opinion.

  Govan1x 11:51 26 Oct 2018

I suppose if you are rich enough you can always buy your way out of trouble by getting the best lawyers that money can buy.

There are many loopholes in some of our laws and a good lawyer will always find one if the price is right.

Tom Dick and Harry just have to abide by the laws , hence the old saying that there is a law for the rich and a one for the poor.

I would imagine this man must have plenty enemies and whether he did what was mentioned we will just have to wait and see.

The truth would have been revealed eventually but Peter Hain just brought the result forward.

  john bunyan 12:15 26 Oct 2018

This injunction had been refused by the High Court but that was overruled by the Court of Appeal. Therefore, 3 of the top lawyers had decided that an injunction was needed, and a couple of the complainants accepted it. There may be a case for Parliamentary privilege , but on this occasion, I suspect the opinion of the Appeal Court is more considered than the publicity seeking Lord Hain. Clearly if the guy is guilty he deserves all he gets, but , as in the case of the falsely accused Cliff Richards, a man is innocent till proved guilty.

  wee eddie 13:56 26 Oct 2018

Judges would not have allowed a Non-disclosure Agreement had "theft" been involved.

However, much of the upper echelons of our judiciary system is misogynistic by temperament and sees no problem in this situation

  Cymro. 14:53 26 Oct 2018

john bunyan publicity seeking Lord Hain

What makes you think Lord H. is publicity seeking?. I think mI would prefer Lord Hain publicity seeking or not to Sir Philip Green.

  roger.roger 15:22 26 Oct 2018


What makes you think Lord H. is publicity seeking?.

Labour Peer.

Sir Philip Green.

Tory Party donator.

john bunyan

Daily Mail reader

  Forum Editor 15:57 26 Oct 2018

Pine Man

"Already MPs are calling for Greens title to be removed from him"

I think you'll find that those MPs have called for Philip Green to be stripped of his knighthood if the allegations against him prove to be true.

  oresome 16:26 26 Oct 2018

Apparently Hain is a paid advisor for the legal firm representing the Daily Telegraph in the injunction case but this is purely coincidental and he was not privy to any details of the case.


click here

  Forum Editor 16:34 26 Oct 2018


The legal firm in question has today issued the following statement regarding the link in your post:-

“Peter Hain is a self-employed consultant who provides occasional advice to the firm relating principally to African affairs. Any suggestion that Gordon Dadds LLP has in any way acted improperly is entirely false. Peter Hain did not obtain any information from Gordon Dadds regarding this case. He has no involvement in the advice that we provide to The Telegraph newspaper, and he had no knowledge of any sensitive information regarding this case.”

This is a sensitive matter, and we should be careful about what we say in the forum with regard to Lord Hain's motives.

(This warning isn't directed at you, because you simply reported a fact).

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