Was Executed Akmal Shaikh Mentally Ill?

  Input Overload 08:24 29 Dec 2009

If Akmal Shaikh was mentally ill & suffered with Bi-polar, there is the possibility he had no idea he was trafficking drugs.

It seems the Chinese don't take a lot of notice of the UK government’s pleas. I found that quite sad when I read about it on BBC page first thing this morning.

  Awshum 10:18 29 Dec 2009

No previous history of mental illness and lots of people are duped into commiting crimes all the time.

He was unfortunately "duped" into it heading to a country that executes drug traffickers, and has a generally poor record in Human Rights.

So whilst I have sympathy for his family he got his punishment.

Do I think his punishment was fair or extreme?

As a European of course I do but that's how China deals with drugs.

  Awshum 10:19 29 Dec 2009

*As a European of course I do think it was extreme but that's how China deals with drugs.

  PP321 10:30 29 Dec 2009

* presuming he was innocent of course.

Lots of people , Gary Mackinnon for example play the old mental health card when thier in it upto their necks, and was of sound mind enough to hack US military computers!.

Arguments for and against i suppose. But i know one thing, no man should be executed unless there is proof and NO DOUBT he commited the crime.

There was doubt over his mental health and therefor should have been assesed by international, independant doctors.
Too late for the poor guy now if he's proved innocent.

  Kevscar1 10:36 29 Dec 2009

Why we would not call in international indepndant doctors and Scotland didn't with the Lockerboe bomber.

  Input Overload 10:41 29 Dec 2009

Sorry FE this should have been in speakers corner.

  Input Overload 13:34 29 Dec 2009

Kevscar, you don't know what was done, no one will for 20 years. OSA.

  folsom 14:00 29 Dec 2009

Does it matter....he appears to have been well enough to travel in a foreign land without assistance, the law of the land decrees the death penalty for drug carriers, he was carrying drugs, end of.

  DerekR 14:05 29 Dec 2009

Pity we don't have the same level of deterrent here in the UK

  sunnystaines 15:22 29 Dec 2009

that amount of heroin could have killed or destroyed many lives.

you have to respect the laws of nations you visit or pay their penalty.

had they given in other foriegn drug smugglers would have expected the same. you have to admire the chinnese for not giving in to pressure from countries with poor punishments for criminals.

  Forum Editor 15:34 29 Dec 2009

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