was charged 85p for receiving a text

  iqs 17:16 15 Dec 2008


I sent a text to a well known chocolate company a few weeks ago,in regards to entering a competition that was advertised on the wrapper.

I was charged 5p by my network for sending it,fair enough,but I was charged 85p for receiving the reply from the chocolate company.

I couldn't see any thing on the wrapper that said I would be charged.

I'm not moaning about the 85p,it was a cheap lesson to learn...

Have you experienced this ?

  wiz-king 17:59 15 Dec 2008

Got to make the competions pay for the prizes some how!

  SB23 18:18 15 Dec 2008

Yes, thats why I always check before entering.

The T&C's can be quite eye opening when you look.

  The Brigadier 20:43 15 Dec 2008

You never get anything in life for free.
How can these companies offer great prizes?
By charging ££ for people texting in, the internet entry is cheaper.

  ronalddonald 08:12 16 Dec 2008

all entries by internet, and last weeks winner was?

  ronalddonald 08:13 16 Dec 2008

Sorry weve just realised we dont have a winner so i get a winner next week. Keep on sending the entries as many as you can so i can get more money.

  Si_L 11:59 16 Dec 2008

Make your money back by stealing a couple of kit-kats :)

  iqs 13:51 16 Dec 2008

Thanks for all your comments,next time I will enter on-line,if its an option.......

Wouldn't mind if I won ;-)

  The Brigadier 14:41 16 Dec 2008

So your suggesting theft is OK then?
How long have you had a criminal record for then!

  Si_L 15:25 16 Dec 2008

Stole my first kit-kat as soon as I could reach them on the shelf and been doing it ever since, I can't stop ;)

  interzone55 16:26 16 Dec 2008

Getting back to the original post - if any charges are made for receiving a text it should be stated in the T&C of the competition, if the competition is still running I suggest you take a look at the small print on a wrapper.

I once had a mobile that used the short lived Genie network (part of Cellnet) and their billing system couldn't cope with reverse charge SMS, so I could enter text competitions for free as I coulnd't be charged for receiving the reply message and I had 300 text messages month as part of my contract...

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