Warning system on the taskbar

  stalion 22:48 02 Nov 2004

Do you think one day computers will have a warning system to tell you when there is ,memory failure,hard disk problems,cpu,graphics card etc
similar to your car dashboard when you have a problem with your vechile.I would have thought that with all the advances in computer technology we would have had it by now

  Chris..b 12:59 03 Nov 2004

Because like most things from microsoft it will cause problems and people will be coming here and asking how to disable it.

Plus there are already some software programme that will allow you to see the readings from the computers heat sensors and also diagnostic software that can tell you when the computers memory is faulty

  Sapins 13:13 03 Nov 2004

Unlike cars which will keep going if the oil warning light, low fluid level warning comes on, wouldn't computers crash before you knew what had gone wrong:-(

  hugh-265156 16:27 03 Nov 2004

agree with Sapins. if hardware fails then a warning wont be displayed if windows is not running.

if you know what type of bios you have print out your beep codes from somewhere like click here for safe keeping.

for all other errors displayed in windows look them up click here

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