Warning-do not ignore automated telephone calls

  mbc 11:36 09 Nov 2013

Last night I received a phone call from QVC saying that my credit card company had refused payment on an item I had ordered, so I phoned my card provider. It seems that they monitor transactions and any that they think are iffy will be refused. Some days ago they turned down one of nearly a thousand pounds. When they gave me the details I knew it was not mine, and my card had been compromised, as they call it. This also happened a couple of years ago, and someone from the card provider phoned me and we blocked the card immediately. I asked the lady why no one had phoned me on this occasion, and she said that they had, 7 times in one day. I asked if it was an automated call or a human-it was automated. My wife and I are so sick of cold callers that we immediately hang up if we recognise that it is automated. We now know better and will listen a little while before hanging up. It is gratifying that card provider is vigilant, and I will not lose anything. So be advised, and listen.

  spuds 11:58 09 Nov 2013

I am not sure that I understand this correctly, but are you saying that a card provider's system for notification of a possible fraud or misuse is automated and not direct human contact?.

  Forum Editor 12:16 09 Nov 2013


The automated call simply asks you to contact the card provider as soon as possible. Not all these calls are automated - sometimes they are made by a human.

  mbc 13:02 09 Nov 2013

Spuds-FE is correct, it seems that my provider changed its system, others may still use humans, which to me seems the safest. It's all about cost savings.

  Forum Editor 13:36 09 Nov 2013

"It's all about cost savings."

and about efficiency - while the automated system is contacting customers the humans can concentrate on attending to the incoming calls. It reduces the amount if time you spend on the phone, waiting for someone to become available.

  spuds 13:57 09 Nov 2013


What made me a little curious, was the fact that I used QVC many years ago, when they first arrived on these shores. On each of the three occasions I used them, the credit card details were taken and authorised and confirmed with the order, there and then, by telephone. But I suspect for quickness nowadays, its a case of taking details and authorising later, and this procedure is what QVC now use?.

I have never had a credit card refusal, except about 8 months ago with the DVLA on-line. No matter what I tried, or what card I used, the cards would not be accepted, so I made contact with the DVLA by telephone, so that I could renew the vehicle tax. DVLA advisor simply stated "this often happens", she then took the card details, and everything went through fine - tax paid!.

I agree with you on the safety issue, but I suppose with any cold-call you have to be a little suspicious, automated or not?.

  bumpkin 18:05 09 Nov 2013

mbc, I don't think not answering the phone is a real problem. I don't know if all CC companies work this way but I would assume so. My AMEX card was cloned and £4000 attempted to be spent, £58 for petrol was let through OK but the rest was picked up by their software as being inconsistent with my normal use. I had an interesting chat with their fraud department about how the system works. If they pick up on something they think is out of the norm their default is to not make the payment until they can contact you and verify it as genuine. So if you hang up the phone they can't contact you and so will refuse the payment.

  bumpkin 18:21 09 Nov 2013

Should have included in last post. Another thing their fraud department told me, typically the thieves will try an everyday transaction like buying fuel to check if their clone works, if it does not they will apologize and pay cash, if it does off go through OK they go on a spending spree with your money.

  Ex plorer 10:25 10 Nov 2013

Best to have an answering machine built into your phone or give your mobile number to the company which I assume you can do.

  mbc 10:41 10 Nov 2013

Ex plorer- Have answering machine, but it seems that it does not pick up automated calls. On mobile numbers-a strange thing-I only give out number to close friends, and it is a pay-as-you go number and my name is not registered with provider, and yet I have received cold calls (automated) asking for me by name. How can that happen? By the way there is nothing sinister about me not registering-I just wanted to avoid what has happened anyway.

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