The war on plastic packaging

  john bunyan 06:54 11 Jan 2018

The scourge of non biodegradable plastics has got to crisis levels, clearly. This needs to be tackled in many ways. At the retail shop level , surely most fruit and veg could be loose or in paper bags; for items needing a bit of protection, egg box type trays should be possible. Most polythene wrapping could move back to Cellophane (Cellulose) film that is biodegradable, although the process has issues. A major, world wide effort is urgently needed.

  Aitchbee 12:29 16 Jan 2018

jb, I heard that on the radio but thought it was the country Iceland.

  Brumas 17:45 16 Jan 2018

Aitchbee, the reason they wrapped your 'naked onions' in plastic was because, it is commonly believed that a raw onion absorbs all bacteria. Did you never wear a cut onion in your sock as a kid to cure/keep off a cold? I never did but some of the other 'old wive's tales' were bandied around - now if only I can get this goose grease and brown paper poultice off my chest....... ;o}

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