War is it wrong???.

  sid501 18:03 29 Jan 2007

I have offten thought about this topic and too be honest I say NO too War because people die pure and simple. Never mind about the politcs involved. What about Though shall not kill?.I think its a good place too start, dont you?.

Feel free too coment, its always good too hear a different point of view.Take care all:).

  Kate B 18:13 29 Jan 2007

Is this a platform for another stupid conspiracy theory?

  sid501 18:18 29 Jan 2007

Hey come on now dont be like that Kate. NO its not ok. No its a genuine chat topic. Up too others what they say. Im a nice guy I dont wana rock the boat I just wana have a chat ok:).

  Kate B 18:18 29 Jan 2007

That's what you said last time and you went straight into a stupid conspiracy theory despite clear indications from the rest of us that it wasn't welcome.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:19 29 Jan 2007

Wars have been here since time immemorial and whilst people have violent and avaricious tendencies wars will continue. I'm afraid this is one question (will war end) where the answer is quite simply, yes and there can be no argument.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:20 29 Jan 2007

'where the answer is quite simply, yes'...should be 'where the answer is quite simply, no'....doh!


  jackhass 18:21 29 Jan 2007

It is totally wrong if it involves us and if there is sand on most the roads.

Not forgetting ,if it involves anyone whose main act is based on the WMD smoke and mirrors trick.

  sid501 18:21 29 Jan 2007

so im guilty till proven inocent???. Why dont ya just say I dont like you or something. Come on Its a chat forum. Not an arguing arean.Can we just wait and see whats said please.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:26 29 Jan 2007

'It is totally wrong if it involves us and if there is sand on most the roads.'...looks like Blackpool is saved then.


  sid501 18:27 29 Jan 2007

Im a peace lover I dont want war for anyone, do you feel the same?. If you do any ideas on what can be done?.

  jackhass 18:29 29 Jan 2007

GANDALF <|:-)>,someone said you were last seen buying a very large stick of rock!

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