War & Peace - what did we think

  Quickbeam 23:49 07 Feb 2016

of it?

I just watched the last episode because I watched the rest of them is about all I can say. It didn't captivate me, I watched it because Deutschland '83 has subtitles, so I watch that on catchup before 7pm. I can't read the subtitles after then when I become a horizontal viewer!

The cold war thriller Deutschland '83 is very captivating and I look forward to watching that in the mornings.

  Quickbeam 23:13 09 Feb 2016

"Can't wait for the repeats."

With the iPlayer you don't have to wait!

  LastChip 23:39 11 Feb 2016

Although I've never had the urge to attempt to read the book, I did watch the series and thoroughly enjoyed it. That said, it wouldn't persuade me to read the book.

I do however agree with the FE about the sets and costumes. They certainly did the series proud.

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