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War & Peace - what did we think

  Quickbeam 23:49 07 Feb 2016

of it?

I just watched the last episode because I watched the rest of them is about all I can say. It didn't captivate me, I watched it because Deutschland '83 has subtitles, so I watch that on catchup before 7pm. I can't read the subtitles after then when I become a horizontal viewer!

The cold war thriller Deutschland '83 is very captivating and I look forward to watching that in the mornings.

  morddwyd 08:20 08 Feb 2016

Didn't watch it. I've read the book so I knew the ending!

Seriously, I find that if I watch a classic after I have read the book I am forever comparing the characters on screen with the ones I have in my head, similarly with the scenes.

All too often producers make it a travesty. The superhero of the James Bond films is very different from the brittle and inadequate human being, with human frailties. in the book, while Disney should be strung up for what he did to poor, sad, lonely little Mowgli!

  morddwyd 14:58 08 Feb 2016

"by all accounts it is very long and tedious read? "

It is, but a two year stint in Aden tends to leave you with some spare evenings!

I also read Emile Zola's "Nana". Now that really is a tedious read!

  Forum Editor 20:27 08 Feb 2016

I thought the TV version of War and Peace was nicely done, bearing in mind the fact that the writers had to condense a 600,000 word book into a short series of TV episodes.

It looked superb - the costume designers deserve an award. Some scenes were almost impossibly romantic, thanks again to some excellent dialogue and beautiful sets.

  Quickbeam 09:54 09 Feb 2016

Implausibility and artistic licence are easily confused!

  caccy 12:41 09 Feb 2016

Enjoyed it and must read the book again.

A 3Db increase in the volume of the quiet parts would have been welcome.

However had to have the volume at maximm to hear the quiet parts and, due to the slow response of modern volume controls, blasted my ears when they went back to normal speach.

  john bunyan 13:18 09 Feb 2016

I enjoyed it and thought the epilogue was far nicer and less depressing than the book. If you want a very long book try "The decline and fall of the Roman Empire" by Gibbon in it's original edition!

  Forum Editor 17:34 09 Feb 2016


"looks boring, sounds boring."

Thank you for that uninformed opinion.

  Forum Editor 17:37 09 Feb 2016

john bunyan

"The decline and fall of the Roman Empire"

Now you're talking. My university tutor made me read that. When I finally finished, I vowed never to pick it up again.

  amonra 20:03 09 Feb 2016

It was a little slow in parts, but overall it was very well done. I especially liked the battle scenes, brilliant photography and very realistic injuries. Can't wait for the repeats.

  Quickbeam 23:13 09 Feb 2016

"Can't wait for the repeats."

With the iPlayer you don't have to wait!

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