wanted" wow" website examples

  bobbybowls 18:12 11 Jan 2010

Hi the mother in law wants some examples of websites that make you go wow when you open them.
It is to provide examples for there new web designer. so that they can show him what they like.

  MAT ALAN 18:17 11 Jan 2010

If your web designer CANNOT give you the WOW factor then i would not bother.
Your web designer should be showing you their work with the hope of what they have produced before is to a standard that is acceptable to you.

What is WOW for one may not be WOW for another, i consider it to be a personal perference...

  canarieslover 19:56 11 Jan 2010

Just be aware that too much WOW can slow down the loading of pages and nothing makes me leave a site more quickly than slow loading pages. You can actually lose visitors, and customers if it is a commercial site, by putting too much into it.

  morddwyd 20:32 11 Jan 2010

Never mind what it looks like, how well does it work?

  ella33 21:59 11 Jan 2010

Does your mother in law, have any particular subject matter, in mind? Reading, or films, music, pc, forums etc? I have some favourite websites but my interests might be different. I think a factor with me is how easy they are to use. I do get put off if things keep going wrong.

  cycoze 22:02 11 Jan 2010

I think the best thing your Mother in Law can do is spend a couple of evenings surfing the web and decide herself on what she thinks is WOW, not what other people think it is, you have said it yourself in your last line "what they like".

  ella33 23:08 11 Jan 2010

I have found the "urls", for three websites that I quite enjoy, for information and general interest. (Apart from having found pc advisor of course)

click here Torey Hayden has written real life books about her work with elective mutism. The forums do contain discussions about books but others are currently discussing how to control their new kitten (!), films, favourite recipes etc.

click here Ree Drummond has lively forums on cookery and photography, with fun competitions

click here Worth browsing

click here facebook sounds a joke but I have found some old friends and workmates and play scrabble! Takes a bit of getting used to.

  ella33 23:16 11 Jan 2010

Bobbybowls if your mother in law is not that interested in books, then if she follows the message link on the Torey Hayden site, she will find the discussions on different topics.

As cycoze suggested, if your mother in law has specific interests, it could be a good idea to google them, and see what comes up. If she finds any good ones, do pass them back please! There's a lot of interesting stuff on the web!

  ella33 23:51 11 Jan 2010

Sorry, I don't think triple posting is allowed but while I am looking up some of the websites I use, I have also found

click here Village of Joy for unusual photography and art interests.

click here Online jigsaws, where you can set the difficulty. Warning, can be addictive!

click here You tube has music and film clips to suit all tastes and there is the facility to make comments.

click here My Space is good for finding music, mainly, but also authors or meeting people.

  bobbybowls 08:03 12 Jan 2010

ok thanks i will email her a link to this page so she can see your comments.

  Quickbeam 08:31 12 Jan 2010

"I don't think triple posting is allowed"
Nothing to say it's not, I always thing
k of something else the second I press the send button... hence the tag:)

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