want to buy and Olympic Ticket "wink wink"

  carver 07:47 17 Jun 2012

It appears that you can buy Olympic tickets for any event you want and if you are prepared to pay enough can even buy a ticket for the 100 mtr final BBC news and another here SKY news.

Now why am I not surprised that you can buy black market tickets for this event, all they have done is take the sale of these tickets from the street corner tout and cut out the middle man.

  WhiteTruckMan 08:06 17 Jun 2012

Nothing surprises me about this corrupt, tyrannical, overbearing arrogant event. Disgust, depression, sickness and loathing, yes.

But not surprise.


  Quickbeam 08:49 17 Jun 2012

I'm interested if anyone has a spare track and field final ticket going.

  Quickbeam 08:49 17 Jun 2012

...for face value mind.

  carver 09:35 17 Jun 2012

fourm member why is it racist, you might say it's racist if the person trying to buy was classed as white therefor denying the 'Middle East person a right to buy these tickets.

Any way we can't buy them Home Secretary Theresa May said,

"By increasing the fines for touting we are sending a clear message to criminals and prospective criminals that it is not worth their while and they are not welcome."

That was after The fine for ticket touting at the London 2012 Olympics has been increased from £5,000 to £20,000.

That was after logic was applied and because of a reduction in police officers it was decided that only half the touts may be arrested and money from fines would still double.

  Forum Editor 10:44 17 Jun 2012

"Nothing surprises me about this corrupt, tyrannical, overbearing arrogant event"

Come on, WTM, get off that fence!

Personally I'm looking forward to the Olympic Games. I would like to think that my country in general and my home city in particular will put on a good show, and that the sporting events - for that is the real purpose of the games - will be something to remember. I have tickets to the stadium for one session, and for two sessions of archery (my particular interest) at Lords cricket ground.

A bit of confidence in our own nation's ability to get something right wouldn't go amiss - frankly I find the whining and moaning from the negativity brigade a serious pain in the nether regions. Glasses half empty, they can't wait to see something go wrong, so they can say 'I told you so, the country has gone to the dogs, etc., etc.' Fortunately I believe that the majority thinks - as I do - that this country is still worth living in, and can still pull its chestnuts out of the fire. When it happens no doubt the complainers will claim that they always knew we could do it.

  WhiteTruckMan 11:07 17 Jun 2012

Come on, WTM, get off that fence!

Wrong. I'm not sitting on any fences on this one. I'm definitely on the other side from you!

The real (original) purpose of the games has long since been lost. Those I would support. But not this costly boondoggle!

I very rarely begrudge other peoples hobbies, enjoyments, jollies etc. In fact far more often than not I indulge people their passions. But not to this extent. And I know I'm not alone in being fed up with it already.

I'm not going to rehash all the reasons why I am opposed to these games because I somehow think you are not going to be persuaded. Suffice to say that I think we are just going to have to agree to disagree, and move on.


  daz60 11:35 17 Jun 2012

Personally as one of the naysayers i would have preferred to see the east end rebuilt with new builds for people on an ever increasing housing waiting list than money spent on this exercise in national vanity and personal glory. Whose 'nation' do you support when the pseudo Brits are on the field.!?

When all this is done what's the bet that like the O2 arena it will all be sold off for a pittance to a property developer to build expensive pads for the wealthy.

As for corruption,well it is obvious that in most countries it is those who make the laws who are most well placed to break them and go unpunished.

Conceit and deceit are two sides of the same coin to these people.

  Terry Brown 11:46 17 Jun 2012

As far as I can see, this event has been planned to get the Maximum money from any one who wants to see it- In the old days they were called SPIVS.

I was thinking of going to see it, but now- I am going to the local pub where the main events will be on a giant screen and I can have a few jars with my mates.


  ams4127 21:49 17 Jun 2012

Please don't blame the country if things go wrong, FE. These are The London Games paid for by London tax payers as you have previously pointed out.

Surely if they were really the UK games, the arenas should have been built somewhere nearer to the middle of the country, so that everyone could get to them without being robbed rotten. And don't come up with the transport argument, it doesn't hold water.

I'm not against them by any means and I wish all the athletes taking part the best of luck.

I just really couldn't care less and hope to be elsewhere (a long way) while the chaos takes place.

  spuds 22:21 17 Jun 2012

This is all becoming like Wimbledon's strawberry and cream with over inflated prices, and a selected audience who could boast that they were there?.

Good luck to the people who want to go and see or enter the events, but at the same time do not try to say this is what this country wanted. It might have been, if more consideration had been given as to where this event was to have taken place.

At least if me and mine consider watching any events (which is doubtful at present) it will be through the cost of our television licence.

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