Wanadoo Pay as You Go

  ventanas 12:13 17 Jan 2005

Just a bit of advice please if anyone can help. Over Xmas I reformatted my home machine and used a new Wanadoo CD to create a new dialup connection (before the format it was still on Freeserve) I have noticed that where the old Freeserve number began 0845, the Wanadoo number starts with 0844 and BT will not let me add it to my Friends and Family section claiming it is a premium rate number. (There was no problem with BT with the old Freeserve nmumber) Wanadoo state that it is 1p per minute, which is ok if true.

I know nothing about the various types of 08xx numbers and would be grateful for any advice concerning this 0844 that I am now dialling.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:14 17 Jan 2005

It isa local rate number......click here


  ventanas 14:06 17 Jan 2005

Thank you, I understand now.

  pj123 14:09 17 Jan 2005

I agree. It is a local rate number, sometimes called "low call" rate number. As far as I am aware all premium rate numbers start 09xxx.

There are some telephone providers that offer 1p per minute regardless of the time of day (so I am told). I have a friend on Onetel who tells me his internet connection is 1p a minute any time of the day and his telephone bill seems to prove it.

  Zak 20:35 17 Jan 2005

Just checked Wanadoo Help

click here

The Pay As You Go dial-up numbers are: 0845 079 6699 or 0844 056 4000

  ventanas 10:15 18 Jan 2005

Cheers Zak, I will see if they will let me change it.

  ventanas 12:27 18 Jan 2005

Now changed to the 0845 number and added to F&F

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