Walthemstow Dogs

  antony.dandrea 17:08 31 May 2008

I live in Chingford not far from walthemstow dog stadium. im not sure if anyone in this area heard the sad news about it shutting down.
If anyone who cares about it is reading this, then please add your name as a respnse so it is like n online petition. i would be interested to see how many peopl actualy want it to stay open.

Many thanks

  Simsy 21:40 31 May 2008

to go 2 or three times a year. I know it can seem "seedy", but it isn't really.

I had my stag night there. None of us were/are experts, and normally only used to bet £10-£20 per night.

One of my chums put £10 on the first race and won so much that the tote had to wait until the 4th racr before they had enough in the til to pay him out!

He paid for the cab home!



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