Walthemstow Dogs

  antony.dandrea 17:08 31 May 2008

I live in Chingford not far from walthemstow dog stadium. im not sure if anyone in this area heard the sad news about it shutting down.
If anyone who cares about it is reading this, then please add your name as a respnse so it is like n online petition. i would be interested to see how many peopl actualy want it to stay open.

Many thanks

  Clapton is God 17:11 31 May 2008

What's shutting down - Chingford or Walthamstow dog stadium?

  antony.dandrea 17:20 31 May 2008

Lol. The dog stadium is shutting down.

  bremner 17:22 31 May 2008

Just want to be sure but you want us to support a sport that routinely slaughters its competitors when they get too old to run!!!!

  octal 17:42 31 May 2008

I live in Walthamstow, about 15 minutes walk from the stadium and it is quite a landmark worldwide, as you say it's closing in August this year to be sold off to property developers, I suppose to build a new flock of bats there in its place.

There are lots of Greyhounds in this area as pets, guess where they mostly come from? when they are too old to compete they are re-homed, they are real couch potatoes, we were thinking of getting one when our existing mutt passes on.

  Clapton is God 17:51 31 May 2008

"it is quite a landmark worldwide"

Worldwide?? A bit of an overstatement, I think.

I doubt very much if anyone outside East London (or wherever Walthamstow is) knows or cares about it.

  octal 18:01 31 May 2008

Then I think it shows how little you know, I speak to people all over the world, particularly the USA and that is the first thing they pick up on when they find out where I live, Walthamstow dogs.

  MrCutter 18:08 31 May 2008

This Country is going to the dogs!

Not been to Wimbledon to see dog racing for 15 years.
They knocked down the footie ground next door a few years back.
And Wimbledon became MK Dons.

  Forum Editor 18:11 31 May 2008

and dog racing is no longer remotely as popular as it once was. London used to have 33 dog tracks at one time, but with the close of Walthamstow only three will remain.

I very much doubt that Walthamstow qualifies as a worldwide landmark, although dog-racing fans will know about it. A couple of years ago my children gave me a surprise birthday treat of an evening at Walthamstow, complete with a meal in the restaurant, and we all enjoyed ourselves immensely because it was a novelty. I doubt that we would go again though - it's not the kind of thing that people are interested in nowadays - it all struck me as being a little seedy.

  blanco 18:59 31 May 2008

A cab driver told me in December last year as we were passing that it was due to close.
Most people will have been only aware of it because it was a favourite with film makers having a large car park for all their transport.

So, if you saw people at a dog track in a film or television play it was most likely there.

Some production company was there just a few weeks ago and will probably have the last record of the place.

I do hope, however, that the very special facade is protected.

  So Afraid 20:02 31 May 2008

My brother has moved down to London and only 25mins walk from the stadium,he goes quite often and i had a great night there last year,its a shame if you are a racegoer,there is talk of our local north west track closing,which is also a good night out.

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