Walking the pig...

  Quickbeam 13:32 07 Oct 2009

click here I'll stick with traditional dogs thanks:)

  wiz-king 14:05 07 Oct 2009


  carver 14:51 07 Oct 2009

I suppose if you get fed up of the thing nobody will say any thing if you dispose of it at the dinner table.

No more having to take an unwanted pet to an animal sanctuary, could also give a different meaning to "a pet is not just for XMAS" it's for XMAS dinner.

  ened 15:22 07 Oct 2009

I am not a vegetarian but when we kept chickens and ducks I grew so attached to them that to eat one of them would have seemed like cannibalism.

  Stuartli 15:40 07 Oct 2009

Until quite recently a young lass in our area regularly took a black bellied pig for walks on a lead.

It attracted vast attention, media coverage and the children loved stroking it.

Not seen either for a while so may have been some problem.


click here

  spuds 15:53 07 Oct 2009

When these 'must have' designer pet events occur, it usually ends up with a rescue centre's responsibility. One of our local rescue centre's have had in residence for a little over 18 months, two pot bellied pigs that no one wants.

  Picklefactory 16:15 07 Oct 2009

I wouldn't want people porking fun at me!!

Coat at the ready. :o)

  wiz-king 16:30 07 Oct 2009

Scratching at the trough?

  Chegs ®™ 20:47 07 Oct 2009

Selling fast, micro piglets are tiny enough to fit in a teacup, but at £700 their price tag is anything but small.

I dunno what size "teacup" these people possess but one of these pigs wouldnt fit in any of my crockery(apart from the oven dish)

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