Walkers baked crisps

  iqs 12:26 05 May 2012

Hi, I have just started a healthy diet ,and would like to keep crisps a part of it. I have seen that the walkers baked are 70% less fat then regular crisps. Would these still be considered part of a healthy diet ? Thanks

  OTT_B 13:02 05 May 2012

I'm very careful about the fat and salt content in what I eat. My general rule is that no ingredient should have more than 3% saturated fat (clearly exceptions have to be made when using oil to cook, but the quantity can be limited). My 3% rule also applies when when buying pre-packaged food, for example, crisps.

Here's the good news.....Walkers Baked crisps (and most other kinds of Walkers crisps) are on my 'allowed' foods list.

They really don't contain anything much, and they taste good, especially the salt and vinegar ones! At 0.4g of salt per pack, it's a bit higher than I'd normally have, but ok if i'm not planning on eating any other salty foods for the day.

Be aware that they have quite a high sugar content, eat in moderation and enjoy. I do!

'Healthy' diets can seem like a drag for quite a while after you start them, but stick with it. After a few months you wonder why you didn't start it years earlier. I still enjoy some horrendously unhealthy foods from time to time. There's nothing I like more than a cheese platter after a meal out - but I can have it knowing that eating such foods every couple of months is going to do no harm at all.

Good luck :)

  iqs 15:13 05 May 2012

Hi and thank you for taking the time to reply wth a detailed response ,it was appreciated. I will be buying the multi pack tomorrow ,but limiting crisps to one packet a day :-( It's a shame that all the nice foods/ groups are not considered healthy. Let's hope it pays off. Thanks again

  lotvic 16:07 05 May 2012

Darn it, that's made me fancy a bag of crisps now... still I think I've earned it, have just finished planting some tomatoes and lettuce.

  Aitchbee 21:29 05 May 2012

CRISP EXPERIMENT:- put one crisp on a small sheet of brown paper (like an envelope) and observe the staining on the paper after a day or two, caused by the fat/oils being absorbed by the dry paper.

  Aitchbee 22:11 05 May 2012

...salted peanuts also leave their fat 'footprints in the sand'...it (The CRISP / PEANUT EXPERIMENT) works best on a sunny windowsill.

  Forum Editor 00:12 06 May 2012

Putting on my boring (but necessary) FE health and safety hat, I have to say that nobody here is qualified to advise on what does or does not constitute a healthy diet. It's always best to check with your GP before following any dietary advice.

  Bingalau 16:11 06 May 2012

Both my wife and myself used the old adage. "If it tastes good it's unhealthy". Never mind how much salt or sugar is in it. That's the bottom line....

Mind you I also use the other old adage "A little of what you fancy does you good" The emphasis in this one is the word "little"....

  OTT_B 20:48 06 May 2012


You sound like a man who eats to live.....where's the joy in that?!?

  Bingalau 21:05 06 May 2012

It leaves room for drinking for all the enjoyment I need. A couple of "Dark and Stormies" every evening is wonderful and I wake up in the mornings glad to be alive and see another wonderful day. Part of the "A little of what you fancy does you good" adage, is that I also get to enjoy the occasional Steak, egg and chips meal. Washed down by a bottle of Cain's Double Bok. If everybody lived as good as I do they would be better off by far. I'm not too fat and I am not too thin. I've never smoked except from other people's polluting smoke in my living space. So I hope to have lot more years of healthy living ahead of me.

From the trolleys I see being wheeled out of supermarkets these days I think most people are living over the top. Instead of "A little of what they fancy" it's "A lot of what they fancy" and in my opinion they are killing themselves.

  Quickbeam 07:08 07 May 2012

"A lot of what they fancy"

There's an understatement if ever there was one...

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