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Wales. The best of luck...............

  x123 10:04 06 Sep 2015

for tonight's game against Israel. If they win then they are off to France for the finals and fingers crossed.

This will be a great tribute to Gary Speed who sadly lost his life but started the team that has gone on to better things.

  roy170 10:51 06 Sep 2015

And if Northern Ireland beat Hungary tomorrow night then they will join England and hopefully Wales in going to the finals.

Best situation to UK football for years.�/p>

  morddwyd 11:01 06 Sep 2015

Why can I not post a reply to this thread?

  roy170 11:03 06 Sep 2015

I think you just have.

  morddwyd 11:08 06 Sep 2015

Yes but not what I want to say!

It's a dastardly plot by the FE to filter posts before they appear!

  morddwyd 11:11 06 Sep 2015

Actually, I've been overtaken by events.

I thought the thread was about rugby and I answered in that vein.

Perhaps there really is a filtering device.............

  Aitchbee 12:58 06 Sep 2015

Hold your horses ...Scotland might be joining the rUK teams ... only got to beat Germany and France.

  Sapins 13:10 06 Sep 2015

Then they will come up against real oppositions!

  bumpkin 13:14 06 Sep 2015

This thread didn't take long to get to get back to Scotland:-)

  Quickbeam 21:32 07 Sep 2015

Meanwhile back on the Welsh topic... Wales has had the worst of luck with Halfpenny out of the entire RU world cup.

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